25 Best Emojis for Holiday Campaigns

The holiday season is always the best time to use creative e-commerce marketing strategies to boost sales. People feel festive and generous and are more likely to make purchases during this time. 

However, holiday marketing can be very competitive, so businesses need to find ways to stand out from the rest. If you’ve been racking your brain trying to come up with holiday marketing ideas, here’s one that’s sure to please everyone: incorporating emojis into your campaigns! 😱

Holiday-themed emojis are the best ways to spread holiday cheer. They’re also great for boosting engagement and making your campaigns more personal and memorable. How exactly do emojis help your holiday marketing? Well, they:

Of course, using emojis will only be effective if you put a little thought into it and use the right ones for your holiday campaign. With the thousands of emojis available, it can be tough to know which ones work best. To help you out, we’ve rounded up 25 of the best holiday emojis that are perfect for holiday campaigns.

Gift Giving Emojis

Capture the feeling of holiday gift-giving and get your customers in the holiday spirit. You can use these emojis to let your customers know it’s the season of giving:

  • 🛍️ – Shopping Bags
  • 🎁 – Wrapped Gift
  • 💝 – Heart with Ribbon
  • 🎄 – Christmas Tree
  • 🥰 – Smiling Face with Hearts

Holiday Savings Emojis

Let’s be honest; we all love finding a good deal. Use these emojis when you’re running holiday sales or discounts to let your customers know they can save big this holiday season:

  • 🤑 – Money-Mouth Face
  • 💸 – Money with Wings
  • 💰 – Money Bag
  • 🛒 – Shopping Cart
  • 💳 – Credit Card

Secret Santa Emojis

Customers love getting holiday gifts, but they also love the element of surprise. Use these emojis to start a Secret Santa campaign that gets people curious about what you have in store for them:

  • 🎅 – Santa Claus
  • 🤫 – Shushing Face
  • 🤭 – Face with Hand Over Mouth
  • 🤔 – Thinking Face
  • 🧐 – Face with Monocle
skier and snowman

Winter Activities Emojis

It’s also a great time to get outdoors and enjoy winter activities. These emojis can show all the fun your customers can have this holiday season:

  • ☃️ – Snowman
  • ❄️ – Snowflake
  • ⛸️ – Ice Skate
  • ⛷️ – Skier
  • 🏔️ – Snow-Capped Mountain

Celebration Emojis

The holiday season is a time for celebration! These emojis can promote holiday-themed products or services and focus on celebrating the holiday season with friends and family:

  • 🥳 – Partying Face
  • 🎉 – Party Popper
  • 🥂 – Clinking Glasses
  • 🤗 – Smiling Face with Open Hands
  • 😍 – Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes

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Holiday Emojis For Android and iPhone Devices

If you are looking for new emojis specifically designed for the holidays, you can find everything you need on Emojipedia’s Christmas page. There are also several apps – like Christmas Emoticons – that you can download on your Android and iPhone devices.

Check them out and impress your customers with new and cool designs! 

Up Your Christmas Marketing Game

Here’s a story of how emojis will make your holiday marketing more successful this year:


These tiny characters can pack a big punch and help your holiday marketing stand out from the rest! Let your audience have fun with your campaigns, and you’ll see just how creative you can be. And who knows? Maybe that one emoji can take your holiday marketing from good to great! 😉

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