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Thoughtfully formulated products for your hair and body. Developed from the ground up with clean ingredients, honest sourcing and sustainable packaging.

What began as a passion project in a small apartment north of Boston has grown into a much larger mission. We want to see people valued through everything we do. We may have outgrown that small apartment but we're still ideating, formulating, and creating everything in house.

Our promise to you is to always stick by these values and to make YOU our priority. When we can't make something in-house we promise to source and partner with only those who live and play by our same values.

We believe people matter. So we make stuff that matters. Everything we say, do, and make supports that truth. We’re building a company that values people on both sides of the transaction - through honest sourcing, sustainable process, and a healthy dose of give-a-damn.

Our approach may be rare, but we also believe it’s right. We want to help people look good, feel good, and be a part of something good. Because people are awesome, so we make awesome stuff!

Firsthand Supply is quickly being recognized for its quality products. Firsthand Supply affiliate program makes it easy for fashion, hair stylists, and beauty enthusiasts to earn a commission allowing themselves to embrace the use of natural men's beauty products, from honest sourcing, sustainable process and clean ingredients. Gain qualifying sales by linking your website to Firsthand Supply’s selected range of products and receive easy money for doing it.

Made with you in mind,

Firsthand Supply

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  • Average conversion rate 3.37%
  • High Average Order Value ~$32
  • Dedicated support from our marketing team - we seek longlasting, mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Fast order fulfillment, shipping and high-quality Customer Service
  • Seasonal promotions and sales
  • Established, fast growing, well-known brand

Who Can Apply?

  • Publishers
  • Product review sites
  • Natural products websites
  • Men styling products
  • Fashion enthusiasts
  • Beauty enthusiasts
  • Hair Styling enthusiasts
  • Handmade products enthusiasts
  • Fashion, Beauty, Hair Styling Influencers
  • And more

Not allowed:

  • Amazon and Amazon Media
  • PPC (Google Ads, Bing, etc)
Publishers that violate these terms and conditions risk deactivation from the program.

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