Your Work-From-Home Life: Expectations vs. Reality

Business | 7 Mins Read

Work From Home: Expectations vs Reality

What did you expect when management told America to go home and work last spring?

Were you one of those employees who was hoping to roll out of bed around 10 AM? You’d brew a cup of fresh-ground java, crack open your laptop, and connect with other bright-eyed teammates from around the globe? Read More »

The Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials

Marketing | 10 Mins Read

Superbowl Stadium

The Super Bowl draws in more viewers than the Olympics. Some are sports fans (or married to sports fans), but others watch for the half-time performances from some of today’s top music artists. Read More »

Dynamic Pricing

E-commerce | 9 Mins Read

Dynamic Pricing

eCommerce is an incredibly competitive space. Market intelligence firm PipeCandy estimates that there are more than 1 million eCommerce players in North America alone.

According to an NPD study, 85 percent of consumers think price is the most important factor when making a purchase. Read More »


E-commerce | 10 Mins Read


Plenty of eCommerce technologies work. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily work for you. When you’re evaluating new eCommerce tech, you need to consider the same exact questions you’d ask yourself if you were thinking about investing in any other aspect of your business. Read More »

Chrome to Name & Shame Slow-Loading Websites

New SEO Practices Will Emphasize Speed Plus Quality Content

SEO | 8 Mins Read

Website Ranking

Google recently announced a new badge, and it’s one brands and e-retailers will not want to earn. Revealed at the Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco, this badge of shame will identify sluggish websites. Read More »

The Voice Assistant’s Rising Popularity

Consumers are using voice assistant now more than ever

SEO | 2 Mins Read

Man using mobile phone with voice assistant

Consumers are using voice assistance to do more than set timers or reminders. They’re using it to manage life. Voice assistance is primarily about form rather than content. That’s why businesses can take advantage of this technology without worrying about creating all new content. Read More »