Sales numbers skyrocket for cycling apparel & accessories brand after launching Amazon

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Sales numbers skyrocket for cycling apparel & accessories brand after launching Amazon


Women’s Cycling Brand


Cycling & Fashion
  • +1800%


  • +1500%


About the Client

Our client is a New England based brand in the cycling industry that focuses on designing innovative women’s cycling apparel, saddles & gear. They design products to make cycling a comfortable yet fashionable experience for all women.


The client’s objective was to increase their online sales.


After completing a thorough strategic analysis, the ScaledOn team proposed to the client to launch their products on Amazon. The client was immediately on-board with this proposal as they knew that the majority of their customers were starting their online research on Amazon when looking to buy something new.
Source: NPR/Marist poll of 1,057 U.S. adults conducted April 25-May 2. The margin of error for online shoppers is +/- 4.1 percentage points. Figures may not add up to 100 due to rounding.
Credit: Alyson Hurt/NPR

The first challenge was that their products were already featured on Amazon by other companies (retailers). Therefore, our first focus was to work together with the client to reduce the number of retailers on Amazon in order to push on selling directly from our client.

The other big challenge that we faced at the beginning was the danger of cannibalizing the website sales but we’ve worked with the client on a distinct strategy for Amazon and determined which products went on Amazon and which ones did not.

Then, as part of setting up Amazon we ran through a series of important steps:

  1. We reviewed the client’s entire inventory and decided which collections to launch on Amazon first. We also took into account seasonality, and what made sense for buyers to buy in that season.

  2. We researched their competitors and their competitors’ products on Amazon and we also did an in-depth keyword analysis which revealed the most competitive keywords and search terms but also new pockets of opportunities.

  3. Next, we sat down with our client and talked about their pricing strategy (positioning, discounts, etc).

  4. Then our team started the brand registry process with Amazon. We uploaded the SKUs, we built the product pages, added images and descriptions, and much more.

  5. Once the brand was registered and the products approved by Amazon we started sponsored campaigns to drive traffic to the listings. Since then we ran 100s of tests and continued to optimize the campaigns for paid traffic and the listings for organic traffic.

After the initial setup, we continued reviewing and updating the inventory, optimizing the campaigns, running A/B tests for titles, descriptions, images, and search terms.

We ran promotions and coupon codes for products that didn’t sell well and we tested different prices in order to win the Buy Box.


We have achieved spectacular results for our client and we are very happy to share them with you.

Sales increased by 1800% in just 6 months.

2018 overall sales increased by 160% compared to the target revenue and by 1500% compared to 2017 sales numbers.


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