Email Signup Rate Goes Up by 43.8% After Chat Bot Playbooks Deployment

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Email Signup Rate Goes Up by 43.8% After Chat Bot Playbooks Deployment


Online Education Platform


  • 43.8%


About the Client

Our client is a subscription-based online educational platform that coaches people on how to navigate the process of getting a new job, change careers or grow in their current careers.


The client’s primary goal was to increase the sales of their online subscriptions and their client base. 

The secondary goal was to increase their email list to be able to engage and build relationships with more people in their audience. They knew that when people get exposed to our client’s teachings and saw the value in them, more people purchase.


We combined 2 marketing tactics, chatbots and email marketing automation that allowed the client to reach both goals for the short term but also for the long term.

To begin with, we sat down with our client and asked some smart questions to better understand their clients, their challenges and what keeps them up at night.

We came up with the top 7 most pressing problems that people are bumping into when looking to change jobs and their corresponding solutions that our client is able to provide.

We created 7 different chatbot playbooks, one for each problem which we then mapped to 7 different automated email marketing campaigns.
drift playbook

More specifically, let’s say that a user indicated in the chatbot that their biggest challenge was to get phone interviews with hiring managers, the chatbot would then ask if they’re interested in receiving free resources on how to get more phone interviews with recruiters. If they said (clicked on) yes, they were prompted to leave their email address.

Then, they will automatically receive a series of emails with the free resources we promised. 

We made sure that the email addresses from the chatbot flowed seemingly to Mailchimp through a Zap (a zap is a connector set up in Zapier that allows you to connect apps and automate your work). 

In Mailchimp, we had set 7 different automated email sequences with 7 emails each. We set different audiences for each of the 7 problems we identified at the beginning. 

The emails were educational and they also invited people to check even more resources that come with the paid subscription.


The results were spectacular.

The Average Conversion Rate for the chat bot the first 6 weeks since it’s launch was of 43,8% which is higher than everything that we’ve seen with other tactics.

One key aspect was also the fact that the client’s website got a considerable amount of traffic from multiple sources (organic, direct, ppc, seo, social media, etc.).

This allowed us to grow the email list with thousands of new contacts which flowed into the automated campaigns and drove traffic and new conversions for the client.
Email Collected and Chat Bot Conv Rate
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