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About the client

Our client, an e-commerce retailer, was selling high-end pet furniture directly to consumers. Their main audience consists of millennials, with women aged 25 to 34-year-old driving 37% of the revenue. Another important segment of their audience is 35 to 44-year-old women who bring up 24% of the revenue.
Client’s Objective

The client’s objective was to drive email frequency up, consolidate the relationship with their audience, and increase sales through email campaigns.

Another important objective for the client was to expand their marketing while reducing costs as the PPC costs on Adwords, Facebook, and Amazon to acquire the same amount of clients continued to rise year after year.

Indri Digital’s Solution

Indri Digital’s marketing team helped the client with their email marketing strategy. This is the solution we created with and implemented:

  • We created a content calendar and went on to categorize blog posts based on the different areas of interest for their main audience.
  • We then proceeded to work with our copywriter to develop one blog post per week.
  • We sent 1-2 email campaigns per week containing a short excerpt of the blog post and/or a product update or offer. The goal of the email campaigns was to educate the audience, to send them funny and interesting pet news, and to let the subscribers know about new product launches, product offers, and company updates.
  • We ran A/B tests with every campaign which led to improved open rates and click rates over time.
  • For the holiday season, we deployed a different playbook which included remarketing campaigns, a new email series, email re-sends for users who didn’t open previous email campaigns and more.
  • We also deployed a playbook focused on increasing the newsletter list.
Other important tactics we used included having a pop-up on the website that offered a 10% discount with the first purchase, a newsletter sign-up form on the website, social media contests where people signed up with their email address, Facebook ads tuned towards increasing the list etc.

We achieved spectacular results for our client with this strategy.

Revenue and transactions from the email campaigns grew considerably and ended up representing 10-30% of the total quantity sold on the client’s website on a weekly basis This has had a significant effect on the client’s bottom line.

We also achieved the client's secondary goal, to consolidate the relationship with their clients. The response rate went up considerably and people were engaging with the content and the stories in the newsletter.

New Product Getting Into Walmart
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