Your Work-From-Home Life: Expectations vs. Reality

Business, Remote Work | 7 Mins Read

Work From Home: Expectations vs Reality

What did you expect when management told America to go home and work last spring?

Were you one of those employees who was hoping to roll out of bed around 10 AM? You’d brew a cup of fresh-ground java, crack open your laptop, and connect with other bright-eyed teammates from around the globe? Read More »

100% Remote Company, our lessons to date…

Business, Remote Work | 2 Mins Read

Remote Company

My greatest fear when we started a 100% remote team 6 years ago was that I’d gain 50 pounds as my fridge was now within easy snacking distance. The true challenges were more complex in battling perceptions that, “remote work is for lifestyle companies” or “you can’t grow a good team remotely”. Read More »