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Data Analysis

88% of Shopify stores have Google Analytics set up incorrectly*

Businesses are spending billions of dollars to acquire traffic for their e-commerce stores, but there is a big problem: The Google Analytics setup for most stores is not working properly.

The result? marketers cannot measure the return on investment, which is increasingly critical in highly competitive e-commerce. They may be spending money in the wrong places, or, they mistakenly may pause campaigns that are actually performing well.

*according to

Google Analytics Data

Our Google Analytics specialists will help you get all tracking correctly installed on your website

Stop losing money. Base your decisions on accurate data.

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Google Analytics Audit
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Google Analytics Account Set-up

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Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager Code Implementation
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E-commerce Tracking via
Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager

GA Goals Tracking

Google Analytis Goal Setting and Event Tracking

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Google Analytics Dashboards and Reports Set-up

How it works

  • Audit Icon


    Is the data in your Google Analytics account accurate? We start by doing an in-depth audit of your account and check all the tracking codes. You will get an in-depth review of the state of your account and you will know exactly what’s working and what needs fixing. You can then make the changes yourself or we can make them for you.

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    If you require more than an audit, our team will work with you to define project goals. A project can be as standard as setting up Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics, or as complex as developing a multi-site dashboard to analyse average customer revenue by location.

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    In this phase, our team is very hands-on setting up analytics and coordinating implementation. This includes: creation of a new Google Analytics account (if you don’t have one already), creation of a Google Tag Manager container to increase reporting abilities and improve site speed, creation of 2 Google Analytics views (Raw data and Filtered Data), creation of appropriate filters ensuring compliance with Google’s best practices, creation of up to 5 goals, and tracking and reporting of up to 5 events.

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    We monitor your new data collection for accuracy, create reports and dashboards that meet your team’s specific needs, and we make recommendations for how to use your new analytics setup and automated reporting to improve marketing ROI and drive revenue.

"The ScaledOn team grew our Amazon revenue and transactions by 115% and their SEO team improved our websites SEO health score from 54% to 99% last year. We couldn’t be happier with the support, results, and ongoing insights we get from the ScaledOn team."

Curt Alpeter

Curt Alpeter
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Through our 17 years of experience for thousands of customers and agencies, we’ve developed processes and software that allow you to get ahead of your competition in an ever more complicated world.

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Stop losing money.
Base your decisions on accurate data.

Let us set your Google Analytics codes correctly.

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