Refreshed Marketing for Spring 2022

As the snow begins to melt and you start to daydream about warm weather, it is the perfect time to give your company’s brand and marketing efforts a fresh look. Spring is an excellent time to consider your marketing plan and decide what’s working and what strategies need updating. Plus, there are several events during the spring months that you can incorporate into your marketing efforts. Here are five tips you can follow to refresh your e-commerce brand strategy to make sure your 2022 digital marketing efforts are successful.

1. Plan Ahead

Part of any successful B2B or B2C marketing strategy is creating and constantly refreshing your company’s brand and voice. If you fail to refine your marketing efforts consistently, your company risks losing uniqueness and relevance. Planning is vital to any marketing strategy so your voice can stay consistent, fresh, and distinctive.

Several events occur during the spring months that can benefit e-commerce businesses. For instance, you can plan sales around specific events or create package bundles around holiday themes. Here are some spring events you can create marketing strategies around:

  • St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)
  • Easter (April 17)
  • Mother’s Day (May 8)

Start planning now and develop some fresh marketing strategies to correspond with these holidays. Planning ahead is critical to building a solid marketing strategy, and preparing for upcoming holidays is an excellent way to do that.

2. Refresh Your Ad Accounts

For many companies, a primary marketing strategy is running advertisements on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Google as Forbes mentioned. Spring is an excellent time to update your ad accounts. For Google ads, follow these tips to reconnect with potential customers:

  • Pause keywords that cost a lot but rarely convert customers
  • Pause ads with low conversion rates
  • Test new ad content
  • Pause campaigns or ads that are not performing well
  • Incorporate SEO principles into your ads

Spring is a great time to test ideas that may work later in the year. Refresh your ad campaigns with spring content if you have a Facebook ad account. Also, try targeting new audiences and pause targeting attempts that are not performing well.

3. Integrate Spring Products Into Ads

Customers want to buy season-appropriate products during the spring months. For instance, they want to purchase warm-weather clothes and put away sweaters and snow shovels. Integrate appropriate products into your e-commerce store or run a spring-themed campaign on Google. Customers are more likely to purchase shorts, swimwear, dresses, and sandals during the spring than any other time of year. Capitalize on this time of year by marketing products people want to see, maximizing your budget, and only releasing content that aligns with the season.

4. Transition to Responsive Google Search Ads

Spring is a great time to harness the season’s energy and make concrete plans that will benefit you in the months ahead. Starting June 30, 2022, Google Ad users will no longer be allowed to create or edit expanded text ads. Thus, why not start the transition to responsive ads now so you are not scrambling come June?

Responsive ads allow business owners to show consumers more relevant, targeted content. Responsive ads let you communicate with consumers more effectively and succinctly. Prepare for the transition to responsive search ads now by testing ideas. Responsive ads allow you to enter multiple headlines and descriptions and the Google algorithm will try different combinations and tell you which ads may perform best.

5. Update Your Company’s Google My Business Profile

The Google My Business profile is a cornerstone of any business. Many customers use this information to contact companies, and they may be turned off if the information is out of date. Make sure your profile is updated with your contact information, store hours, and website domain. You can even post information about new products or services to attract new customers. If you do not have a Google My Business profile yet, spring is a great time to create one!

Spring is the perfect time to update your marketing strategy and put good habits in place that will serve your company all year long. Use these tips to refresh your marketing tactics and find new ways to connect with customers.

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