Why choose Scaled On?

Our experience. The digital marketing industry is loaded with agencies boasting quick results at less than stellar ROI. We're proud to have been part of SEO, e-commerce, and lead generation success for hundreds of companies.We leverage that success to provide repeatable playbooks and scalable solutions for your unique needs. Our references speak for themselves, in fact, current and past client referrals account for 100% of our business.

Our team. The Scaled On team is comprise of the top 2% of digital experts who are regularly asked to speak at Internet Retailers, Nielsen 360 and Google events, and teach classes at multiple Universities. As a global team, we work 24-7 across four time zones to give you the edge in today's hyper-competitive marketplace. While our competition and YOUR competition is sleeping, our team is testing, tweaking, and working.

Scaled On's Mission

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Have your SEO run by our team of nationally recognized experts

Through our 17 years of experience for thousands of customers and agencies we’ve developed a processes and software that allows you to get ahead of your competition in an ever more complicated world.
Meet our Management Team

Alec Newcomb

Founder and CEO


Glenn von Bernewitz

Director of Finance

Rares Nap

Director of SEO Operations

Cristina Malita

Director of Marketing

Courtney Kotulak

Manager of Client Success

Nelu Cambrea

SEO Lead, Product Manager

Laszlo Bodor

Senior Developer - Data Engineering

Rigette Saycon

SEO Lead

Octavian Sabou

SEO Coordinator

Jon Chua

SEO Coordinator

Gryffin Novak


Christian Jozal Villegas

Lead Web Designer

Corina Busuioc

Content Specialist


Jenay Bass

Client Success Team Assistant