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Learn how to lower your customer acquisition costs. Facebook rates are up 90% year over year and learn why more brands are turning to Amazon to profitably grow their business in 2020.
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Amazon As a Media Platform

Amazon as a media platform to grow your Brand

Amazon advertising is moving beyond search. Most buyers start searching on Amazon, looking for your Brands story, how to use that new product, and doing price research before making their purchase decision.

Brands are increasingly building customized Amazon storefronts to tell their rich brand story where their customers are vs paying Google or Facebook to drive them to their website. 

Our client wanted to test this shift to Amazon. Could we prove it was a cheaper place to gain a customer? Learn what is working and how we addressed their biggest concern about the cannibalization of their customers from the web to Amazon.

Who is ScaledOn?

Our experience. The digital marketing industry is loaded with agencies boasting quick results at less than stellar ROI. We're proud to have been part of SEO and e-commerce success for 202+ companies. We leverage that success to provide repeatable playbooks and solutions for your unique needs. Our references speak for themselves.

Our team. The ScaledOn team is comprised of the top 2% of digital experts who are regularly asked to speak at Internet Retailer, Nielsen 360 and teach university classes on Ecommerce and Google Analytics. We work 24-7 across four time zones to give you the edge in today's hyper-competitive marketplace. While our competition and YOUR competition is sleeping, our team is testing, tweaking, and winning more sales.

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