Boost Your Bottom Line: Harnessing the Power of AI in Amazon Product Imagery

How can you create high-converting and informative images that effectively display your products’ benefits and competitive differentiators using AI?

Reminder: Here are all the IMAGE REQUIREMENTS from Amazon.


Let’s start with the Main Image: Your main product image is the first impression customers have of your product.

While Amazon’s Terms of Service require the main image to feature your product on a plain white background, there are still ample opportunities to showcase creativity and make your product stand out.

With a thoughtful and innovative approach, the main image can become a powerful tool to intrigue potential customers and leave a lasting impression.

To Do’s

Products should be on a pure-white background (RGB color values: 255, 255, 255)

The recommended image size is 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels to enable extensive zoom functionality

The product must fill at least 85% of the image

Not To Do’s

NO Illustrations and renderings

NO Price or size

NO Watermarks

NO Text, logos, or other graphics

NO Multiple views of a single product

NO Human models

NO Unnecessary elements

Brainstorming ideas for the main image using ChatGPT &

Prompt 1:

I sell pet beds on Amazon. Please give me ideas on what to include in my main images to make it appealing to the users and convince them that the product is high quality and has an emotional impact on the shopper.


  1. Feature an adorable, happy pet cozily snuggled up in the bed, conveying a sense of comfort and contentment.
  2. Use high-quality materials like plush fabrics, orthopedic foam, or memory foam in the bed and highlight these premium features in the image.
  3. Demonstrate the bed’s durability by showing a playful pet happily lounging on it, suggesting it can withstand active use.
  4. Highlight the bed’s versatility by displaying different sizes or color options, appealing to a broader range of pet owners.
  5. Use props like pet toys, treats, or cozy blankets near the bed, fostering a sense of comfort and enjoyment for the pet.
  6. Utilize creative angles or close-up shots to highlight the bed’s luxurious textures, stylish designs, or intricate details, emphasizing its high-quality craftsmanship.
  7. Incorporate elements that showcase the bed’s practicality, such as removable and washable covers or non-slip bottoms.

Prompt 2:

I am selling pet beds on Amazon. Please help me with ideas to make my main image stand out and scroll-stopping. Also, make sure your suggestions comply with Amazon’s Terms of Service.


Absolutely! Here are ideas to make your main image for pet beds on Amazon stand out and grab shoppers’ attention while complying with Amazon’s Terms of Service:

  1. Vibrant Color Contrast: Use vibrant colors for the pet bed to create a visually striking image that pops in search results.
  2. Pet Interaction: Feature an adorable pet interacting with the bed, such as lounging comfortably, playing with toys nearby, or giving a cute expression. Make sure the pet’s pose is natural and engaging to evoke an emotional response from viewers.
  3. Creative Composition: Experiment with creative composition techniques to make your image visually interesting and unique. For instance, try incorporating props like decorative pillows, blankets, or pet accessories to add depth and context to the scene.
  4. Clear Product Features: Highlight key features of the pet bed in the main image, such as its size, shape, materials, and any special features like removable covers or non-slip bottoms.
  5. Professional Photography: Invest in professional photography to ensure high-quality images that effectively showcase the pet bed’s design, texture, and overall appeal. Professional lighting, staging, and editing can elevate your main image and make it look polished and professional.



ai amazon images 1

Suitable for Various Pet Sizes

ai amazon images 3


ai amazon images 7


ai amazon images 8


ai amazon images 9


ai amazon images 10


Enhanced performance


Kit components explanation



Main product differentiators

Brainstorming ideas for the benefits image using ChatGPT &

Prompt 1:

I sell pet beds on Amazon. Please give me 10 ideas on what to include in my sub-images 2-4 emphasizing the product benefits and features, solving the buyer problems regarding pet beds.


  1. Show a close-up of the bed’s orthopedic foam or memory foam filling, highlighting its ability to provide superior support and relieve joint pain or pressure points for pets.
  2. Feature a shot of the bed’s waterproof or stain-resistant cover, demonstrating its durability and easy maintenance, solving the problem of messy accidents or spills.
  3. Display the bed’s non-slip or non-skid bottom, emphasizing its stability and preventing it from sliding around on floors, addressing safety concerns.
  4. Capture the bed’s removable and machine-washable cover, showcasing the convenience of easy cleaning and maintaining a fresh, hygienic sleeping environment for pets.
  5. Include a shot of the bed’s elevated design, promoting better airflow and cooling, solving the issue of overheating or discomfort for pets during warmer weather.
  6. Show the bed’s versatility by featuring it in different sizes or configurations (such as a bolster or nest design), catering to various pet breeds, ages, and preferences.
  7. Highlight the bed’s chew-resistant or scratch-proof materials, addressing the problem of destructive behavior and ensuring long-lasting durability.
  8. Display the bed’s portability or foldable design, solving the issue of limited space or the need for travel-friendly pet beds.
  9. Feature the bed’s calming or therapeutic properties, such as its use of soothing colors, fabrics, or embedded herbs/essential oils, addressing anxiety or restlessness in pets.
  10. Include a shot of the bed’s stylish and modern design, showcasing its ability to seamlessly blend into various home decors, solving the problem of unsightly or clashing pet furniture.


Orthopedic Foam

ai amazon images 11

Problem-Solving Features

ai amazon images 12

Therapeutic Support

ai amazon images 13

Fabric Features

ai amazon images 14

Non-Slip Bottom

ai amazon images 15


ai amazon images 16 1

Sizing Info

ai amazon images 17

Waterproof & Washable Cover

ai amazon images 18

Pet Parenting

ai amazon images 19

Machine Washable

ai amazon images 20


Customer reviews

Satisfaction guarantee


Why us

Founder message

Trust building icons



ai amazon images 21

Safe for Your Family

ai amazon images 22

Healthier Choice

ai amazon images 23

Vet Recommended

ai amazon images 24


ai amazon images 25


ai amazon images 26

American Made

ai amazon images 27

Safety Certified

ai amazon images 28


Feature Comparison Chart: Design a side-by-side comparison chart that contrasts your product with similar products on the market.


ai amazon images 29
ai amazon images 30
ai amazon images 31
ai amazon images 32
ai amazon images 33
ai amazon images 34


Create a step-by-step guide or infographic that demonstrates how to set up and use the product’s essential features.

Use annotated images with arrows and text callouts to provide clear instructions and enhance user understanding.

Usage Instructions

Integration in décor



ai amazon images 35
ai amazon images 36
ai amazon images 37
ai amazon images 38
ai amazon images 39
ai amazon images 40
ai amazon images 41
ai amazon images 42

Now it’s your turn: adapt the prompt for your products and see how you can craft an eye-catching product image that can’t go unnoticed by your target audience.

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