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Our team of Top 2% professionals have already helped $12.7 Billion dollars worth of New England based companies make successful exits–let us help you to Test. Scale. Win.
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Alec Newcomb


Portsmouth, NH USA

ben polichronopoulos avatar

Ben Polichronopoulos

Ecommerce Manager

Newburyport, MA USA

Ambitious, Optimistic, and Dedicated

bogdan licareti

Bogdan Licareti

Ecommerce Team Lead

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Determined, Curious, and Hardworking

charm co avatar

Charm Co

Client Success Assistant

Metro Manila, Philippines

Optimistic, Hardworking, and Versatile

christian jozal villegas avatar

Christian Jozal Villegas

Lead Web Designer

Metro Manila, Philippines

Reliable, People Person, and Enthusiastic


Claudia Zdroba

Ecommerce Specialist


Calm, Focused, and Curious

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courtney kotulak avatar

Courtney Kotulak

Director of Client Success

Westminster, MD USA

Friendly, Intuitive, and Resourceful

doru hanganu avatar

Doru Hanganu

SEO Analyst

Bucuresti, Romania

Perfectionist, Friendly, and Funny

emma sweeney avatar

Emma Sweeney

Executive Assistant

Portland, ME USA

Intuitive, Quiet, and Loyal


Fernando Paris

Media PPC Specialist

Lisbon, Portugal

Proactive, Responsible, and Sociable


Iulia Vasciuc


Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Impatient, Passionate About Work, and Night Owl

kay zerna avatar

Kay Zerna

Client Success Team Assistant

Cebu City, Philippines

Organized, Motivated, and Adventurous


Successful Clients


Products Managed

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maria ysayas avatar

Maria Ysayas

Media PPC Lead

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Enthusiastic, Reliable, and Hardworking


Marvin Dalupe

Data Analyst

Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Practical, Driven, Dependable


Nelu Cambrea

Manager of Product

Petrosani, Romania

Chaos is just another kind of order

ramon salandanan avatar

Ramon Salandanan

Ecommerce VA

Cavite, Philippines

Resourceful, Honest, and Obedient

riah padilla avatar

Riah Padilla

Ecommerce Designer

Cavite, Philippines

Creative, Methodical, and Empathetic


Rose Grant

Sales Coordinator

Quezon City, Philippines

Professional, Dedicated and Forward Thinking


Teodor Serghe

Email Lead

Bucharest, Romania

Curious, Ambitious, Creative

timothy rogers avatar

Timothy Rogers

Client Success Manager

London, England

Driven, Optimistic, and Level-Headed