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In 2024 Home & Textile brands need data driven marketing strategies to stay competitive. Unlock innovative approaches, advanced omnichannel strategies, and testing driven insights for incremental eCommerce sales on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and your Website.

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2024 Home & Textile Trends

๐Ÿ’– Customers Love Quality Products

High-quality home & textile products are the bar category to entry. Reviews of 4.2 or better. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for superior, differentiated, and long-lasting products. We have $324 million dollars of experience in profitably selling premium products.

๐Ÿ›’ Home and Textile E-commerce is Harder in 2024

Launching a new channel in a crowded category on Amazon? or not getting your pandemic era conversion rate on your Shopify website? We use smart data and regular testing to consistently win more in today’s highly competitive marketplaces.

๐Ÿ‚ Seasonal Challenges

Have a seasonal product? Fantastic! we use data and A/B/n testing to see what works at scale. In a world where the algorithm laterally changed yesterday don’t get left behind running last seasons playbook.

Why Get ScaledOn to Manage Your Textile and Home Brand?

Grew two Top 100 sellers in their categories to triple digit growth consistently

We have dozens of five star reviews, “Great company excellent service (Amazon Store Front Design) very responsive would absolutely work with them again.”

Drove over $140M in annual Amazon sales in category in 2023

Amazon Services for Home & Textiles


Home & Textile PPC Management

Drive category leading ACOS, ROAS, TACOS for Home and Textile brands.


Listing & Optimization

Conversion rate is king! Without great looking listings you can’t max out conversion rates! Let our team revamp your listings from title down to search Terms.


Image Optimization for Home & Textiles

With Top 2% in house ecommerce designers, let our team take your image & video assets to make rich content that tells your product and brand stories!


Product Development

Looking to beat competition? Then product development must be a weekly topic! Let us help find the diamonds in the rough to expand your brands catalog. Having worked at Amazon Aggregators and large brands, our team is ready to take you to the next level!


Demand Planning

How much should you order and when should you order it? Simple questions, but difficult to calculate. Let our team use our proprietary tools to build profitable stock levels.


Amazon Supply Chain

Losing money on shipping product? With over 1000 TEUs worth of importing and 12+ 3PLs used, let ScaledOn find the perfect fit for you brand!

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Gardening eCommerce Site Increases Sales on Amazon by 170%

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