Why Does Amazon Keep Suspending My Listings?

We’ve got some important updates from the Amazon front that we wanted to share with you. It’s all about those pesky account suspensions, gated brands, and how to navigate through them like a pro.

So, here’s the deal: we’ve noticed a trend lately where Amazon’s been gatekeeping some of our top sellers out of their most important brands. Crazy, right? Even sellers with rock-solid listings are getting the boot. The catch? They’re not appealing suspended ASINs within those brands, and Amazon’s drawing some not-so-great conclusions from it.

You know those Account Health Ratings (AHR) Amazon rolled out? Well, they’re not as reliable as we’d hoped. Sellers with a shiny “green” rating are still getting hit with suspensions and brand gating out of the blue. Lesson learned: don’t put all your eggs in the AHR basket.

why does amazon keep suspending my listings 2

If you find yourself locked out of a brand or dealing with suspended ASINs, here’s what you can do:

  • Double-check those listings and make sure they’re squeaky clean.
  • Appeal those suspended ASINs pronto. Amazon’s watching.
  • Flaunt your track record with the brand. It matters.
  • If it’s your own brand getting gated, keep calm and gather your proof of ownership.

Dealing with Amazon’s hoops can be a headache, we get it. That’s why we’re here to lend a hand. Whether you need help crafting a killer appeal or navigating the murky waters of Amazon’s policies, just give us a shout. Hang in there, and let’s keep crushing it on Amazon!

Why are my Amazon listings getting suspended?

Amazon may suspend listings for policy violations or suspicions of counterfeit products. Ensuring compliance and maintaining high standards is key to avoiding suspensions.

How can I navigate account suspensions and brand gating effectively?

Regularly check listings, vet suppliers, promptly appeal suspended listings, highlight your track record with brands, and gather proof of ownership if your brand is gated.

What’s causing brand gating issues on Amazon?

Failure to appeal suspended listings within certain brands leads to gating. Sellers must actively engage in appeals to maintain access to important brands.

Can I rely on Amazon’s Account Health Ratings (AHR)?

AHR isn’t always reliable. Sellers with good ratings still face suspensions unexpectedly. Focus on compliance and proactive measures instead.

How can I get help with Amazon’s policies and suspensions?

Reach out to us for assistance with appeals and policy understanding. Together, we can tackle challenges and succeed on Amazon.