What You Need To Know About 2021 Prime Day

Amazon | 6 Mins Read

Amazon Prime Day

It’s no secret that Amazon is a big deal. As the largest internet company in the world, they are a major resource for shoppers and sellers alike. The company demonstrates appreciation for its customers annually by hosting Prime Day—a shopping event that offers buyers incredible deals and discounts on the site’s vast array of products. Read More »

The importance of content creation for SEO

SEO | 8 Mins Read


Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing and content creation simply for the sake of adding words to your website. Now more than ever, consumers crave value and insight from companies and brands. Read More »

Why You Should Use PPC Ads To Increase Sales

Marketing | 6 Mins Read

Pay Per Click

Clicks on pay-per-click (PPC) ads can result in a 50% higher conversion than organic SEO.
PPC ads are direct reflections of search queries. The most relevant ad will appear within the top 4 search results on search engine results pages (SERPs) and therefore, be seen by searchers who are looking for the exact product or service. Read More »

Your Work-From-Home Life: Expectations vs. Reality

Business | 7 Mins Read

Work From Home: Expectations vs Reality

What did you expect when management told America to go home and work last spring?

Were you one of those employees who was hoping to roll out of bed around 10 AM? You’d brew a cup of fresh-ground java, crack open your laptop, and connect with other bright-eyed teammates from around the globe? Read More »