Taming the Goliath

How to Win at Amazon in 2019 to Secure Your E-commerce Brand’s Future

Amazon | 3 Mins Read

Ecommerce Brands

Amazon is the fifth-largest digital company and the fastest growing. Winning at Amazon today will pay off big for retailers in the future. Learn more now… Read More »

What You Need to Know About Amazon Go

Amazon Go requires a buyer’s presence in the store as well as a connection to an app

Amazon | 2 Mins Read

Amazon Go

Is Amazon Go, the futuristic 1,800-square-foot grocery store that boasts no lines, just a quirky Seattle landmark? Or does it signal a coming seismic retail shift in the way people buy and sell in the 21st century? Read More »

Voice Search for Amazon

How Ecommerce Retailers Can Win Customers

Amazon | 2 Mins Read

Amazon Voice Search

The internet has entered the era of voice search. People who want to save their thumbs and cut the frustration of typing on a tiny keypad, can ask their digital assistant anything from the weather forecast to the price of a pair of sneakers. Read More »

2018 Email Marketing ROI Statistics

Marketing | 12 Mins Read

Email Marketing

When it comes to ROI, nothing beats email. E-commerce brands recognize the power of email marketing, and 205 billion emails are flying back and forth across the world every day. Let’s dig into the email marketing facts of 2018. Read More »

The Power of Email

Marketing | 8 Mins Read

Email Marketing

Email is the most profitable form of advertising after SEO, consistently delivering the highest ROI of the array of internet marketing tactics. Indri Digital recommends email marketing as a primary communication tool for e-commerce brands. It’s a direct access mechanism that helps you expand through new product rollouts. Read More »

An overview of Google’s latest plans and products

Google | 9 Mins Read

Google Assistant

At Google’s I/O developer conference in early May, the search engine behemoth laid out its upcoming plans and products. Here’s what Google managers told us was coming and how their upcoming changes will affect your e-commerce brand… Read More »