Keyword Research for SEO – Intent, Volume and Difficulty

SEO | 12 Mins Read


Keyword research extends far beyond identifying what terms and phrases your audience uses to search for your particular products or services. While knowing what terms people use to find you is important, there are several other factors that play a role in how well your website ranks. Read More »

The importance of content creation for SEO

SEO | 8 Mins Read


Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing and content creation simply for the sake of adding words to your website. Now more than ever, consumers crave value and insight from companies and brands. Read More »

Are Duplicate Meta Descriptions Worth Fixing in 2020?

SEO | 2 Mins Read

Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Fixing duplicate meta descriptions can greatly improve your SEO and bring value to your business. A good and unique meta description may increase your click-through rate and bring more traffic to your website. Read More »

Chrome to Name & Shame Slow-Loading Websites

New SEO Practices Will Emphasize Speed Plus Quality Content

SEO | 8 Mins Read

Website Ranking

Google recently announced a new badge, and it’s one brands and e-retailers will not want to earn. Revealed at the Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco, this badge of shame will identify sluggish websites. Read More »

The Voice Assistant’s Rising Popularity

Consumers are using voice assistant now more than ever

SEO | 2 Mins Read

Man using mobile phone with voice assistant

Consumers are using voice assistance to do more than set timers or reminders. They’re using it to manage life. Voice assistance is primarily about form rather than content. That’s why businesses can take advantage of this technology without worrying about creating all new content. Read More »

Why do Technical SEO?

SEO | 7 Mins Read

Technical SEO and Graphs

Your time as a marketer is limited. There is almost a limitless stream of advice on the next shiny tactic you should implement to help your brand get found in the sea of 6 Billion live web pages. I’m going to review our journey on Technical SEO and why it became a “must do item” for our clients. Read More »

A rare Sea Change marketing opportunity…

SEO | 2 Mins Read

Voice Search

True Sea Change opportunities come rarely but I wanted to share a recent conversation I had with one of our client CEO’s. She was just back from an industry conference where a speaker had asked: “Was anyone optimizing for voice search?” She was the only person who tentatively raised her hand as her company is in the early goings of deploying programmatic pages. Read More »