What You Need To Know About 2021 Prime Day

Amazon | 6 Mins Read

Amazon Prime Day

It’s no secret that Amazon is a big deal. As the largest internet company in the world, they are a major resource for shoppers and sellers alike. The company demonstrates appreciation for its customers annually by hosting Prime Day—a shopping event that offers buyers incredible deals and discounts on the site’s vast array of products. Read More »

Why Selling On Amazon?

Amazon | 1 Min Read

Amazon Selling

It would be a missed opportunity not to have your brand visible on the largest online retailer. Read why we encourage small businesses to start selling on Amazon. Read More »

Amazon GEO Ranking: A Game-Changer

Amazon | 2 Mins Read

Amazon GEO Ranking

Amazon made the transition from A9 to A10 algorithm in 2019 by the end of summer. Among the most impactful factors for ranking on Amazon SERPS was the GEO Ranking: A Game-Changer! Read More »

20 Hot Food Trends for 2020

Amazon | 5 Mins Read


From low-carb diets, to kombucha and less plastic in packages, the food and beverage industry is set to become even more interesting in 2020. We explored the most popular food industry trends that are emerging in the market. Read More »

Are you wasting your advertising dollars?

Amazon | 3 Mins Read

Man holding bags of money

Amazon Sponsored Products (‘PPC’) has become an important marketing channel that all product brands should look at. Amazon’s advertising revenue increased to $10B in 2018, closing in on Facebook and Google, as the third-largest advertising platform in the U.S. Read More »

Taming the Goliath

How to Win at Amazon in 2019 to Secure Your E-commerce Brand’s Future

Amazon | 3 Mins Read

Ecommerce Brands

Amazon is the fifth-largest digital company and the fastest growing. Winning at Amazon today will pay off big for retailers in the future. Learn more now… Read More »