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Gardening eCommerce Site Increases Sales on Amazon by 170%

The gardening eCommerce company intended to utilize Amazon to expand and develop its business. Since they provide a wide variety of gardening supplies, they are having trouble managing their enormous catalog and how to market them. Their Amazon sales are not as high as their product base would suggest. See how we increased sales on Amazon by 170% in just 9 weeks.

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Google Ads for Healthcare: A Case Study of How a Telepsychiatry Service’s Paid Traffic Surged 260%

The company had already launched numerous ad campaigns that were not yielding the traffic and conversions they sought. For this reason, they endeavored to improve their paid traffic while at the same time slashing ad costs. See how we Increased 260% in Paid Traffic within Three Months.

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businessman with a money on his hand

Leads Increased By 125% With PPC Campaigns

The client’s goal is to get leads on the website by utilizing forms to capture information from small and medium businesses which are interested in getting funds. They will then use this information to offer the right financing options to the business owner designed specifically to help them grow their business.

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6155d8b33ad24cdda4e5391b Woman With Shopping Cart Digital Campaign Results in 1.4 Million-Piece Order

A case study based on a consumer product that went from a test on to being in all US stores. Showing positive results on, this study serves as a guidepost for digital campaigns for clients wishing to get into Walmart retail stores.

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6155da1388365eb403edb8e6 Goldfish in fish bowl with bubbles and water pumps in the tank in the living room

Digital Ad Campaigns Increase Rite-Aid Store Sales for Pet Toy

Ensure success at Rite-Aid by supporting product with digital drive-to-store campaign.

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6155d7afaed1457e916fbd65 kittens sleeping at home lying on bed white blanket funny pose

94% Ecommerce Sales Increase for Luxury Pet Product

Luxury goods have a longer purchase consideration period, and require multiple touch points before people are ready to buy. See what ScaledOn’s AdWords luxury strategy for the client included.

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6155ccc877bf3277a845226b Blocks of Chocolate

Growing Chocolate Sales by 328%

Our client decided to launch his chocolate shop online through Shopify and Amazon. See how we added $101,801 in sales in 8 months.

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6155bc9e97d94e63ff1eec8e Hampton Direct Toy Cat

In-store Retail Doubles Sales for Pet Product at Target

Our client was selling a new pet item direct to consumers at Target. When expanding into Target stores, they wanted to support their national TV efforts with geolocated digital campaigns to boost in-store sales.

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6155cdca818de50a638883cd Funnygingercatsittinginatopentrylitterboxbesideatabbycatandlookingcurioustothecamera

Increasing ROI with integrated email

The client’s objective was to drive email frequency up, consolidate the relationship with their audience, and increase sales through email campaigns. See what solutions we came up with.

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6155cc3d818de5b5a0887e4f cat sitting in a litter box

Online Advertising Doubles Revenue for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

This client’s goal was to double sales for the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We created an integrated strategy across multiple media platforms, including email, social media, and Google Adwords.

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6155b8cf74d1d744cb12881c Beauty Skin Care

Online Advertising Increases Ecommerce Sales 73%

Our client wanted to start selling a health & beauty skincare item directly to consumers. Skincare products are a high consideration purchase. Campaigns had to be targeted to the client’s core demographic - teenage fans of a well known music celebrity.

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online grocery

86% Web Traffic Increase Drives Shoppers to New Grocery Store Location

The client launched a new store location during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, due to stay-at-home orders, the client had a unique challenge to build awareness around a new store in their customers' neighborhood.

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Drinking Beer

Organic Traffic Increases 300% for Retail Chain

The client has been rapidly expanding to new locations, so their primary goal was to increase location awareness by improving website traffic and Google map rankings.

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pet and dog house

Pet wellness brand sales increase by 500%

To reach our client’s objective, we created a robust organic and PPC strategy to drive brand awareness and grow sales on Amazon.

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6155be320a67d369c9fe2e59 portrait of smiling tattooed woman trying skin care product holding white plastic jar

Amazon Lifetime ACoS drops from 45% to 22% and Sales Increase by 56% in 30 days for Skin Care Product

The client already had an Amazon store when we started working with them. See how we took on the challenge of lowering the ACoS and increasing sales.

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cycling apparel & accessories

Sales numbers skyrocket for cycling apparel & accessories brand after launching on Amazon Marketplace

After completing a thorough strategic analysis, the ScaledOn team proposed to the client to launch their products on the Amazon Marketplace. See how we overcame challenges of launching a brand on Amazon.

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6155ba6e3939de4ad6c0eabc Seasonal style autumn beauty fashion

14.5% sales increase for Fashion Brand at Walmart

By targeting drive-time radii around each Walmart store carrying their products, ScaledOn was able to optimize a geographic-based digital campaign.

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man tasting apple cider drink

Beverage Ingredients Wholesaler continue selling on Amazon & Sees 41% Sales Increase YoY

The client had a dated existing Amazon store, but devoted customers often used the client's website contact form to order products. The main goal was to drive sales through the client's Amazon store. See how we accomplished this.

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6155d60487ddd1707e0e4606 maple syrup on pancakes

Year over Year Organic Traffic Doubles and Sales Triple for Maple Syrup Producer

The company didn’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to improve their SEO rankings. They needed programmatic content and SEO optimization. They needed programmatic content and SEO optimization.

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6167fbf0be0897814a1bd1e3 friends walking outside college in conversation

University Increases Traffic After Website Migration

Our client intended to redesign their website, but they were concerned about how migrating would impact their current search performance. The main goal was to successfully migrate the website without negatively impacting SEO ranking.

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6155ab411472dc47b945ddba portrait of smiling young woman sitting at desk typing on keyboard and using laptop computer

Email Signup Rate Goes Up by 43.8% After Chat Bot Playbooks Deployment

The client’s primary goal was to increase the sales of their online subscriptions and their client base. We combined 2 marketing tactics, chatbots and email marketing automation that allowed the client to reach their goals.

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6155b7bc6be19625ee9219ec Woman Sleeping On Pillow

Using Weather to Increase Walmart Sales by 27%

Product sales spike when the weather gets hot, and slow down as the weather cools. We deployed a national ad strategy based on weather data in the drive radius around each Walmart store.

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Hair care man

Clean Beauty Brand Doubles Sales YoY

Our client’s e-commerce website was performing well, but their growth was slower than expected. We saw this as a huge opportunity for our client to create an Amazon storefront and attract new customers on a different platform.

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