Growing Chocolate Sales by 328%


Increase Ecommerce Sales for Gourmet Chocolate company.


Americans are sweet on chocolate. So much so that U.S. chocolate confectionery sales grew a hefty 39% percent between 2010 and 2019. Taking this trend into account our Client decided to launch his chocolate shop online serving the baking chocolate & confectionery segment. By implementing a Shopify site and Amazon Storefront, the client added $101,801 in sales in 8 months.

US Revenue in the Chocolate Confectionery segment

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How we grew online sales

  • Creating a Beautiful Shopify eCommerce website
  • Running Google Ads campaigns (Brand & Non-Brand Search, Shopping, Remarketing & Display Campaigns)
  • Facebook Purchase intent Campaigns
  • Email follow up and reorder campaigns
  • Amazon Storefront and Amazon Advertising campaigns
  • Drafted on top-selling products in the Gourmet Chocolate field
  • Reviewed the margins identifying the most profitable products to sell
  • Identified top search terms on both Google and Amazon and build the website
  • Made delicious Photography for product listings
  • Ran Advertising campaigns on all the platforms with a focus on ROI.
  • A/B tested on product titles, descriptions, images and prices, to drive conversion.


A 328% increase in Ecommerce Sales for 8 months since launch.

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