Case Studies

Skin Care Product Increases Amazon Sales by 56% in Just 30 Days

About the Client

Our client is a Los Angeles, CA-based brand in the skincare industry, that is focused on developing high-grade formulas to brighten & impart a clean, satin glow to tattoos. Through their premium tattoo skincare, our client continuously develops products for health and wellness, that are environmentally conscious & cruelty-free.


The client already had an Amazon store when we started working with them. Their challenge was to lower the ACoS and increase sales.

“Amazon Gurus” were running the Amazon campaigns before us, but their results were less than mediocre.

As the client’s products were seasonal (mostly suitable for the summer), we had a short time to improve results.


To begin with, we audited the campaigns and spent time doing in-depth analysis and keyword research:

  • We’ve researched top-performing keywords, using tactics such as Revert ASIN on competitors and our client’s products, and extracted high search volume keywords.
  • We used the Search Terms Reports and compared the results to the data we gathered from the previous step.
  • In order to keep the authority of the brand, we had to select negative keywords very carefully.

Then, we developed strategies and tactics in order to tackle all the issues we saw in the account.

  • All negative keywords we’ve found were added to automatic campaigns which had a HUGE impact on the quality of the traffic that we drove to the listings
  • Lots of refinements were made to the manual campaigns that were active at that time. We added most of the negative keywords here because broad-match keywords were attracting irrelevant traffic.
  • We launched a couple of new manual campaigns (targeting keywords, categories, and ASINs) which allowed us to detect more opportunities and drive additional sales for our client.
  • The bidding strategy was changed to dynamic which had a massive impact on ACoS and the profitability of the campaigns.
  • We monitored the performance of each keyword daily, collecting information about visibility and traffic.


Before us, the monthly ACoS was at 43% and the Lifetime ACoS was at 45%.

We took over the account in the middle of May. At the end of the month, the monthly ACoS descended from 43% to 14% and the sales for that month were higher than the prior one.

30 days later, the lifetime ACoS decreased from 45% to 14% and sales from Amazon ads increased by 56% (compared to the prior month).

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The number of PPC Clicks remained the same, but after we did our optimizations, these became qualitative clicks that triggered more sales.

We helped our client to spend less money and to get more sales. Ad Spending decreased by 50% and sales increased by 48% in 30 days.

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Our strategies and tactics were successful. Why?

Our process and software-driven approach to Amazon channel management, combined with the expertise of our marketers, data analysts, and software developers ensure the success of your brand on Amazon.

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