Case Studies

Gardening eCommerce Site Increases Sales on Amazon by 170%

A top gardening eCommerce company sells home gardening tools and supplies every day. Their company is based in Vermont and are industry leaders in all gardening needs— from garden beds, trellises, plant supports, watering and irrigation, fertilizers, landscaping tools and supplies, and much more. With their cutting-edge gardening products, they can provide you with solutions for any gardening need. With a solid eight-figure top line, the gardening eCommerce company challenged ScaledOn to continue its remarkable growth.

The Problem: How To Increase Sales on Amazon

The gardening eCommerce company intended to utilize Amazon to expand and develop its business. Since they provide a wide variety of gardening supplies, they are having trouble managing their enormous catalog and how to market them. Their Amazon sales are not as high as their product base would suggest.

The Gardening eCommerce company consequently has a huge demand for Amazon specialists and a global staff to manage their extensive inventory on Amazon in order to improve sales. The Gardening eCommerce company sought to expand its online presence rapidly and effectively despite having a small workforce dedicated to its direct-to-consumer (DTC) and catalog businesses. The gardening company wanted to diversify its portfolio of channels in addition to having a presence on the Amazon marketplace. All of the challenges boil down to having the problem of how to increase sales on Amazon as well as how to improve Amazon’s conversion rate.

The Solution: Omni Channel Digital Marketing Strategy

The solution for the Gardening eCommerce company is a strategy that can optimize thousands of Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) to address the extensive inventory on Amazon and a strategy to market all the products to increase conversion rate as well as to address how to increase buy boxes on Amazon.

ScaledOn helped the Gardening eCommerce company in creating an Amazon and omnichannel strategy. Omnichannel marketing is a marketing strategy that incorporates optimized marketing channel activity throughout the consumer’s buying journey. It’s a technique where companies use unified messages, cohesive images, and consistent content material to market their products and services across all channels, devices, and platforms. By using omnichannel marketing, the Gardening eCommerce company can be able to deliver a pertinent and consistent offer to customers wherever they are.

The Process

Since gardening is a fairly broad industry, ScaledOn separated the clients’ items into the relevant subcategories and created specialized marketing strategies for each of those categories. While the operations team set to work improving copy, pictures, A+ content, shop, and much more, ScaledOn built a thorough PPC advertising strategy by category. These marketing strategies were to improve sessions and conversion rates first and foremost.

The Result: Increased Sales on Amazon by 170%

After ScaledOn worked with the gardening eCommerce company, all of their products were organized and optimized. After a few weeks of implementation, we saw immediate positive results, seeing their products rank as high as #2 in large gardening categories on Amazon.

With the omnichannel digital marketing strategies and a comprehensive category-based PPC advertising approach, the gardening company’s sales soared by 170% in just 9 weeks. During the same period, both the conversion rate and the buy box doubled. While keeping Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) under 20%, ScaledOn was able to increase advertising sales from 10% of total sales to 30% in just two months on the PPC side. As a result, conversion rates for advertisements increased by 40%.


A business with a large choice of products can be fantastic, but the key is how you can properly promote those products. No matter how excellent your products and services are, if you aren’t selling them properly, the possibility of making sales is very low.

Millions of people rely on Amazon for their online purchasing needs. It is therefore one of the best platforms for your business to succeed. Being one of the largest online shopping platforms, Amazon also has the most competitors. So, if you want your business to grow and succeed on Amazon, you will need a solid and effective marketing plan that will address all of your business needs. ScaledOn worked with the gardening eCommerce company to solve their problem on large inventory concerns and how to increase sales. ScaledOn developed marketing strategies based on the client’s needs and achieved their business goals.