Case Studies

How A Painting Business Grew 4x in 3 Months on Amazon

The client originated as a startup within the Arts/Painting industry, garnering notable recognition from appearances on Shark Tank, Oprah’s Favorite Things, and various television shows. These appearances catalyzed their business, resulting in peak sales during Q4 2022. By the beginning of Q2 2023, they sought the expertise of ScaledOn, a specialized Amazon marketing agency to sustain their business growth, particularly after losing the support of Oprah’s Favorite Things and Shark Tank.

Following a comprehensive analysis of their Amazon account and listings ScaledOn identified a crucial challenge: the need to optimize and enhance conversions for non-branded keywords. Despite significant sales from branded search terms, the client aimed to increase sales through broader keyword visibility, aiming to replicate the success of Q4 2022 without relying on previous promotional support.

ScaledOn implemented various tactics to address the client’s challenge. These included a substantial increase in ad spend budget, the creation of brand defense campaigns to maintain visibility against competitors, targeted efforts to capture market share from competitors, and initiatives focused on introducing new buyers to the client’s products. Additionally, specific campaigns tailored to holiday seasons were launched to enhance visibility among gift-giving audiences. These advertising efforts were complemented by tailored promotions designed to boost sales, pricing a/b testings, and listing optimizations.

The implementation in Q4 2023 saw promising results. October achieved a notable 39% year-over-year (YoY) increase in sales. However, November witnessed slower growth, ending 15% below the previous year’s sales. December emerged as the most successful month yet, yielding a 10% YoY increase and a remarkable 310% growth over October sales. Despite fluctuations, the campaign maintained a Target ACoS (TACoS) of 12-14%.

The campaign saw a substantial increase in sessions during Q4, totaling 205,000 sessions, a 200% surge compared to the average sessions from Q1-Q3 (68,000 sessions). Moreover, the conversion rate remained robust at 3.2%, considering the increased session volume experienced in Q4.

painting business chart

ScaledOn managed to get 127% more impressions and 56% more sessions to the client Amazon Listings during the most important shopping season of the year without any Paid Media and TV support, as was the case in 2022. We kept advertising costs in check and despite Amazon challenges fresh out the gate in Q4, the client ended the year strong, with December numbers showing a 310% growth on October figures.