Case Studies

Website Migration Leads to Increase in Traffic for University

About the University Client

Our client is a non-profit, liberal arts college. They offer immersive learning experiences that rapidly strengthen new language acquisition and proficiency.

Client’s SEO Objective

Our client intended to redesign their website, but they were concerned about how migrating would impact their current search performance.

The main goal was to successfully migrate the website without negatively impacting SEO ranking. The secondary objective was to boost organic search performance, raise brand awareness, and improve user experience on the newly redesigned website.

To accomplish this, we had to start by fixing existing issues impacting the website’s health score before migrating the website.

ScaledOn’s SEO Solution

Before we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy, we sat down with our clients to fully understand their website migration goals. Our team also performed a full SEO audit to see the current health and performance of the client’s existing website.

When our client came to us, their website health score was middle of the road at 55%. Our audit and discussion with the client revealed several opportunities to improve the current website’s structure for higher search performance. With a strong foundation, we could develop new content to drive traffic to the site and engage potential students looking to learn a new language.

We started by focusing on site structure, internal linking, and backlinks.

First, we redesigned the site structure to make more pages readily accessible to website visitors. Then, we improved internal linking to help visitors intuitively move through the website. After the migration, we ensured that all pages were successfully redirected to the new website to maintain SEO performance and user experience.

We also removed spam links, solved canonical page and duplicate content issues, and fixed broken pages.

Once we resolved the linking issues, we optimized page performance on the new website to increase the click-through rate and help the customer move seamlessly through the website.

Finally, we turned our attention to the client’s blog. Although they had existing content, the blog targeted bottom-of-the-funnel audiences and generated no traffic. We turned our attention to driving awareness for new audiences higher in the conversion funnel.

We created new content for our client’s blog to improve awareness and drive potential students to the website. Our team did in-depth keyword research to discover what potential students were searching for, and we used that keyword information to design relevant and engaging content for new students. We also optimized the existing blog content and linked those posts to new blog content and pages.


Our efforts dramatically improved search performance and website health. Rather than simply preserving existing SEO performance, we substantially improved search impressions, keyword positioning, and click-through rates for our client’s new website.

By improving the site structure and resolving linking issues, we increased our client’s website health score from 55% to 96%. These improvements have led to a significant improvement in average keyword ranking, which increased from 49 to 25.7 across 2,025 ranking keywords. Our client ranks on the first page of Google for 131 keywords, and the number continues to grow as we create new blog content.

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Our client’s blog performance began to drive new traffic to the site, too. Our content increased blog clicks from 0 to 9,253 from organic search alone. Meanwhile, blog search impressions increased from 0 to 616,195.

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Our client has started generating even more attention and new customers from our SEO strategy. As students become more comfortable returning to campus after COVID-19, our client’s performance will continue to improve.

Are you ready to attract new customers to your organization? Let’s discuss how we can create an SEO strategy that drives traffic and improves conversion rates today!

“During ScaledOn’s SEO work on our website, they’ve improved both our website health and our search performance, ranking us on the first page of Google for hundreds of keywords while increasing our website health score from 55% to 96%. Their SEO content alone has driven more than 600k impressions and 9k+ clicks to the site.  We look forward to continuing our work with ScaledOn and seeing the continued improvement of SEO performance.”