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Despite appearances, moving to Google’s GA4 is not as simple as it seems. While it may be effortless for a basic website, setting your brand up for success requires a deeper understanding of what you want to measure.

It’s heart-wrenching to witness how hundreds of Google Analytics accounts are broken, wasting precious marketing dollars every month, because of:

  1. Incorrect Tracking Code Implementation: Placing the code in the wrong location, missing code snippets, or using outdated code versions can lead to incomplete or broken tracking.
  2. Improper Event Tracking Configuration: GA4 relies heavily on event tracking to capture user interactions. If events are not configured correctly, essential actions such as clicks, form submissions, or video views might not be tracked, resulting in incomplete data.
  3. Cross-Domain or Subdomain Tracking Issues: Websites that use multiple domains or subdomains may experience challenges in setting up cross-domain or subdomain tracking correctly. If not configured properly, user journeys spanning different domains or subdomains might not be accurately tracked.
  4. Tag Manager Misconfigurations: Many websites use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to manage their tracking codes and events. Misconfigurations within GTM, such as incorrect triggers, tags, or variables, can lead to improper data collection and an incomplete GA4 setup.
  5. Unresolved Data Layer Issues: GA4 relies on a data layer—a structured JavaScript object that holds essential information about user interactions. If the data layer is not implemented correctly or populated with relevant data, it can result in incomplete or inaccurate event tracking.

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Although it may seem complicated at first, GA4 will come with many benefits for your business. Some of these benefits include:

Country-level privacy controls

So you can keep collecting valuable data whilst making sure you comply with the new, more complex privacy regulations. 

Forward-thinking perspective on cookies

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is designed for both scale and privacy.

Event-centric tracking model

Better understanding of user behavior throughout their journey on a website

Enhanced Cross-Platform Tracking

So you can optimize your campaigns across all the stages of your funnel. 

Enhanced Cross-Device Tracking

Google Analytics 4 enables you to address the modern multi-device browsing habits of your users.

More power and flexibility

GA4 offers a more data-driven approach to decision-making, allowing website owners and marketers to make informed adjustments based on real-time insights.

One Click Setup of your GA4 Dashboard!

“I successfully set up GA4, but I cannot get used to it, it looks so different! ”

Looking for a better dashboard of your Google Analytics 4 data?

  • How are your users trending over time?
  • Where do they come from? Marketing channels? Regions? Devices?
  • What are the top events?
  • Which pages are more engaging?
  • What are the top-selling products, categories, or brands?

    Download this Looker Studio Dashboard to have a similar view as you had in Google Universal.

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