7 Tips to stay on top of all your Marketing data

Marketing | 1 Min Read

Marketing Data Graphs And Charts

It is easy to get lost in a sea of marketing data pumped out by Google, Facebook, your website, and LinkedIn. How do you stay focused on measuring what matters for your marketing? Here are my secret weapons in staying on top of the flood of data from serving hundreds of clients. Read More »

Review of 2019 Video Facts

Marketing | 1 Min Read

Video Facts Review

The future for your brand is increasingly watched or spoken, and I’m sure, depending on your viewing habits, there is a lot of debate in your organization about how people are watching video in 2019. Let’s review the facts around TV and Video in 2019. Read More »

5 Tips to reduce your email costs in 2019

Marketing | 1 Min Read

Email Marketing

With Mailchimp’s recent price increase as they move to be a CRM system and their other changes a lot of our clients are taking a deeper look at what they can do to reduce their email costs. Here are 5 Tips to help manage your email costs in 2019 Read More »

7 Marketing Tips for taking over an existing business

Marketing | 1 Min Read

Marketing Tips For Taking Over An Existing Business

I’m a fan of acquiring an existing business as it takes a lot of the risk out of your growth plan. One of our long standing clients recently acquired their local competitor and I wanted to outline the process we use to help clients decide what to do next. Read More »

Metrics make the Marketer

Marketing | 2 Mins Read

Metrics Make The Marketer

I’ve been thinking a lot about what marketing numbers we should track as a B2B company and how often you should look at them to achieve your desired results. Read More »

Marketing for the long haul…

Marketing | 1 Min Read

Long Haul Marketing

Building a brand is hard. That overnight success is typically ten plus years in the making and it is getting harder to do. There are now 500+ Million blogs in the world, 3000+ TV channels you can stream online, and 3.9 million apps you can use on your mobile phone. Read More »