Should I Invest in TikTok? The 4 Most Common TikTok Shop Questions Broken Down

Forget the dance crazes and endless memes for a second – TikTok is quietly brewing a shopping revolution: a TikTok shop. The platform that took the world by storm with its short-form video content is now becoming a hotbed for e-commerce marketing, and the question needs to be asked: Should I Invest in TikTok?.

We were too. But the stats show that TikTok is far more than a fleeting trend for e-commerce marketing. TikTok is shaking things up in the search world! While Google remains the King (with 91% of users finding it most helpful for searches), a surprising number of people are turning to TikTok to find information.

In fact, 1 in 10 Gen Zers, the social media savvy generation, prefer TikTok over Google for searches. This trend is even stronger with 64% of Gen Z having already used TikTok as a search engine. Overall, 41% of consumers have experimented with searching on TikTok. However, it’s important to note that trust in Google’s results remains high, with only 17% finding TikTok more helpful.

TikTok could very well be the gateway to your customers discovering your brand, and converting.. all thanks to the algorithm.

Imagine this: Your (soon-to-be) customer is scrolling through their TikTok feed, mindlessly swiping away, when suddenly a video stops them cold. 

It’s a video ad for your product. Nothing fancy. But it stops them, mid-scroll.

The real selling point? TikTok shop’s in-app purchasing feature, meaning your product is a couple of taps away from being theirs…

And the stats prove it’s seamless.

So. No more switching apps or hunting down product links. TikTok knows your customers want your product, and they want it NOW. Allowing you to capitalize on your captive audience, instantly. 

🌍 Something To Consider: TikTok shop is not yet available in every country. TikTok shop is only available in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, United Kingdom and the United States. So, if you’re not selling to these regions, TikTok shop is not for you (yet).

TikTok Shop allows creators to spotlight and promote products they love directly to their community, and activate new revenue streams. Creators can browse, select, and add products into short videos and LIVEs to start promoting in just a few taps.

invest in tiktok

The main selling point, from a marketers perspective, of TikTok Shop is that it’s built for shopping convenience.

▶️ Shoppable Videos: Creators and brands can tag products within their videos. Pushing a pair of Matrix-inspired sunglasses for summer? The audience will simply tap the product tag and be sent to a dedicated product page where they can hit that glorious “buy now” button – all within-app. Without navigating away and losing their shopping momentum.

📣 Follow Your Brand: Having your audience in-app shopping, also means they can follow your brand so you can keep them updated and take them along your business journey with you.

🎤 Live Shopping Function: Brands and creators can host live streams where they showcase products in real-time, answer questions, and even offer exclusive deals. It’s interactive shopping at its finest, with the added bonus of live-stream energy.

🛍️ Dedicated Shopping Tab: For users who like to browse before they buy. The ‘Shop’ tab within the TikTok app has them covered. Here, they can explore a selection of products from various brands. They will be able to: search by category, brand, or even use filters to find exactly what they’re looking for. Kind of like a personalized shopping mall, conveniently located within TikTok.

Let’s be honest, convenience is great, but there’s more to TikTok Shop than just that. Here’s why it’s a win-win for both shoppers and sellers:

Impulse-Buyer’s Paradise: Tiktok shop is built to expose audiences to new trends and products via engaging video content. It’s like window shopping on steroids, but way more interactive and set up to be more impulse-buy friendly.

Seller’s Dream at TikTok shop: Using the power of video content, brand can reach a massive and highly engaged audience on TikTok, as well as showcasing products in a unique way. Forget static product photos – here, brand’s thrive when they tell their brand story and showcase products in action, all within the platform users already love. Plus, live shopping experiences let you connect directly with potential customers and boost sales.


Investors face a tough decision as TikTok continues to be entangled in lawsuits. What we do know is the app boasts a massive user base, particularly among younger demographics, and it’s growing rapidly. Should you invest in TikTok? We say it’s worth the risk if you’re advertising products to a younger demographic.

If you’re a brand who loves advertising unique products through engaging content, then TikTok Shop is a platform worth exploring. For both brands and creators, it’s a powerful platform that will allow you to tap into a whole new way of reaching potential customers, and quickly converting.

So, the next time you’re scrolling through TikTok, keep an eye out for those tempting product tags. You might just discover your new favorite shopping destination without ever leaving the app.


AccordTikTok Shop is a new feature within the TikTok app that lets users discover and purchase products directly through engaging videos, live streams, and a dedicated shopping tab. It blends social media entertainment with seamless shopping, creating a unique e-commerce experience.ion content.

TikTok Shop revolutionizes social commerce by:

🛍️ Merging entertainment and shopping: Products are showcased through creative and fun video content, making shopping more engaging.

💳 Direct in-app buying: Users can discover and purchase items without leaving the TikTok app, creating a smooth and convenient experience.

🔎 Focus on discovery: The platform allows users to discover new products through viral trends and recommendations from creators they trust.

  • Brands: Reach a young and engaged audience, showcase products creatively, and potentially collaborate with influencers for targeted marketing.
  • Creators: Monetize their content by promoting products and potentially partnering with brands.
  • Users: Discover new products in an entertaining way, enjoy a seamless in-app shopping experience.

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