20 Best Emojis for Valentine’s Day

To make your Valentine’s day advertisement campaign engaging and inviting, you should utilize new modes of virtual expressions like emojis. More than 50% of businesses that used emojis in their promotional emails received engagement from their target customers.

These digital pictures — often depicting an expressive yellow face — are excellent at displaying human emotions like love and excitement. Since they can tap into emotions, emojis serve as good marketing devices. Read on to learn the best Valentine’s Day emojis and themes you can use.

Heart Emojis 💖

Heart-themed emojis showcase the most powerful and positive human emotions. These include admiration, compassion, and desire. Moreover, heart emojis can symbolize not only romantic love but also familial and platonic love. These emojis are perfect for Valentine’s Day advertisements that target best friends, family members, or romantic partners.

Here’s a popular set of heart emojis:

  1. Red heart: ❤️
  2. Sparkling heart: 💖
  3. Growing heart: 💗 
  4. Heart with arrow: 💘 
  5. Revolving hearts: 💞 

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Love Emojis 😍 

While heart emojis express general passion, love-themed emojis evoke more precise and concentrated feelings of tenderness. These are best included in advertisements and social media posts that seek the attention of sweethearts, married couples, and romantics. Since Valentine’s Day is a popular day for lovers, you should fully maximize the use of love emojis.

Here are a few of the most commonly used love emojis:

  1. Smiling face with hearts: 🥰
  2. Kiss mark: 💋
  3. Face blowing a kiss: 😘 
  4. Hug: 🤗 
  5. Smiling face with heart-eyes: 😍 

Gifting Emojis 🎁

Valentine’s Day is a time when you share gifts with important people in your life. Gifting-themed emojis are direct visual representations of the presents that you often give and receive. From wrapped gifts and chocolate bars to rings, there’s a plethora of products that emojis can promote. It would make sense to use a ring emoji if you’re in the business of selling engagement rings or a chocolate bar emoji if you sell chocolates or candies. 

Here are a couple of gifting emojis you can use:

  1. Wrapped gift: 🎁 
  2. Love letter: 💌 
  3. Flower: 🌸 
  4. Chocolate bar: 🍫 
  5. Ring: 💍 
valentines day emojis 2

Celebration Emojis 🎉

Celebration-themed emojis showcase images of poppers, confetti, fireworks, and dancing people. They are great at fueling excitement and expressing your recognition for the achievement of others. Since celebrations are abundant during Valentine’s Day, you’ll always find a use for celebration emojis. Engage with your audience by including a partying face or clinking glasses in your posts and advertisements.

Here’s a celebration-themed emoji package for you:

  1. Partying face: 🥳 
  2. Confetti ball: 🎊 
  3. Clinking glasses: 🥂 
  4. Party popper: 🎉 
  5. Woman dancing: 💃 

Final Thoughts

From heart emojis to celebration emojis, there are many themes you can use to engage with your audience and gain more clicks. Pair different Valentine’s Day emojis to create a narrative that will catch your audience’s interest.

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