Can you hear me now?

Beatles vs. Rollings Stones, Coke vs. Pepsi, Burger King vs. McDonalds, Red Sox vs. Yankees- America loves a rivalry and smartphones are no exception. The battle between Apple and Samsung has raged on for years; if you’ve ever been laughed at for pulling an Android out of your pocket you know what I’m talking about ( ‍♀️). Now, Google has thrown its hat into the ring, heating up the debate even more. In this week’s edition of Website Wars, we ran competitive website audits for 3 of the most talked-about smartphones on the market today the iPhone 11, Samsung s10, and Google Pixel 3 to settle the score and determine the true smartphone company champion.I’d like to say I’m surprised but well… Apple. Don’t worry about me, I’ll just be over here trying to remove malware from my Android.Our competitive audit tool is designed to identify foundational issues that may be affecting your website’s organic search performance. Want to increase website traffic, improve user experience and generate more leads? Try our Free Competitive Audit Tool today.