Scary Good Marketing Ideas For Halloween 2022

Best Halloween Marketing Campaign Ideas

With the Covid pandemic slowly becoming a thing of the past, a record number of Americans is expected to participate in Halloween celebrations this year. Consumer spending on Halloween-related items is projected to surpass last year’s record of $10 billion

Up to 70% of consumers rely on digital platforms for everyday goods, and holiday shopping is no exception. For e-commerce business owners, holidays can be an excellent opportunity to engage with customers and drive sales.

With most consumers doing their Halloween shopping during the last two weeks of September and the first two weeks of October, the time to implement your Halloween marketing campaign is now!

Here are some tips to make this Halloween a memorable holiday for your business and your consumers.

1. Create a Halloween-Themed Landing Page

Landing pages are essential to e-commerce businesses because they lead customers to a specific product and encourage them to take action. Engage with your customers by creating a holiday-themed landing page. 

Utilize graphics, typeface, and photos that are associated with Halloween and display holiday products and sales prominently on the page. Businesses can create professional-looking graphics on sites like Canva.

2. Host a Holiday Giveaway

Are you wondering how to entice your customers this holiday season? Surprise followers with interactive digital events like giveaways or ask fans to submit photos for a chance to win discounts on merchandise. 

Adapting giveaway messaging to reflect regional differences in how people celebrate the holiday is essential to the success of this strategy. 

Your giveaway prize should also be tailored to your brand and your style. For example, keep scary monsters off of your website if you run a family-friendly business.

3. Host a Halloween Photo Contest

One of the best ways to engage with customers is to host a Halloween-themed photo contest on your company’s social media channels. 

You can host a pet costume contest or have followers submit costume ideas for children. Encourage followers to post entries on social media with your company’s hashtag. 

You can then repost the images to promote the contest and further engage with clients.

4. Provide Product Discounts

Offering a discount is an excellent marketing strategy to attract customer attention, especially when in holiday shopping mode. Skip the coupon code and integrate the deals into the landing page. This tactic can help reduce abandoned shopping carts. 

Halloween could also be a great time to introduce a new brand loyalty program. An e-commerce loyalty program is an excellent customer retention tool that encourages people to buy in higher quantities, shop more frequently, and interact with your brand on a more consistent basis.

5. Highlight Halloween-related Products

You don’t have to run a costume shop or a candy boutique to be relevant to Halloween shoppers. A multitude of products can be marketed to appeal to shoppers. 

Do you sell any autumn-related items such as warm clothing or candles? Highlight these items on your landing page to attract holiday shoppers. Group holiday-related items into groups and offer “Halloween bundles” at discounted prices.

6. Add a Halloween Costume to Your Clothing Line

Clothing shops are among the most popular e-commerce shops, and many online retailers sell clothing of some kind, even if they don’t specialize in clothing. Market your clothing line by designing or curating a Halloween costume to highlight on your website.   

Even if you don’t sell clothing, share Halloween or fall-inspired recipes on your social media channels.

7. Use Email Marketing To Your Favor

If you have a client email list, promote your Halloween sales promotions via email marketing campaigns. A few weeks before Halloween sales, send gift cards to individuals who have previously purchased products from your store.

These gift cards could be for a specific value, free shipping, or a gift with a purchase. Market these gift cards to customers so they know they are only valid during the Halloween season. This time limit may entice customers to make holiday-related purchases.

8. Create Witty Messaging

Use social media and email marketing to send Halloween-related messages to your customers. Create fun and witty taglines like “Spooktacular costume ideas” or “No tricks, only treats.” Creative messaging can encourage followers to engage with your social accounts over the Halloween season.  

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with your company’s marketing initiatives. So take advantage of Halloween online shopping projections through these fang-tastic marketing ideas!

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