What You Need To Know About 2021 Prime Day

It’s no secret that Amazon is a big deal. As the largest internet company in the world, they are a major resource for shoppers and sellers alike. The company demonstrates appreciation for its customers annually by hosting Prime Day—a shopping event that offers buyers incredible deals and discounts on the site’s vast array of products. According to Statista, sales from Prime Day in 2020 reached a record-breaking 10.4 billion dollars. This is up 45% from 2019 sales, so Prime Day 2021 may be the biggest Amazon event of all time.

Prime Day offers you the opportunity to maximize sales and get your products in front of more shoppers, but without a plan, you can lose a valuable chance to capitalize on this event. Make the most of Prime Day 2021 by developing a strategy and understanding what to expect.

Why Is Prime Day Important?

Amazon sellers are used to the ebb and flow of business. As the holidays approach, you will predictably see a boost in sales. Around summer you may see more purchases, too. Even if you can predict patterns, though, it would be difficult to stage a single event to reliably spike sales—but that’s exactly what Amazon has done. Prime Day is important because it gives sellers the chance to put their products directly in front of customers and leverage Amazon marketing to build their business. Top sellers accomplish this by:

  • Alerting customers to deals that will be featured
  • Using social media to promote Prime Day deals
  • Strategizing discounts for optimal profit

On Prime Day, users are looking for deals, and the steeper the discount, the higher the sales. Many sellers lament the fate of seeing their products buried on page three of search results. Prime Day offers the opportunity to capitalize on Amazon-curated promotions without necessarily having to pay to sponsor your products.

How to Prepare for Prime Day

Amazon Prime day is set for June 21st & June 22nd and when it comes to Prime Day, preparation is the name of the game. Many sellers make the mistake of assuming that an extra discount or promo deal will be enough to boost their sales. Though Prime Day offers promotions, competition is still steep, and you are still vying against other sellers for a customer’s purchase. The most important steps to be prepared for Prime Day include the following:

  • Give customers multiple deals to take advantage of—offer Amazon Coupons, Lightning Deals, and lower prices
  • Review all of your listings to ensure that photos, text, and titles are up-to-date and accurate
  • Invest in Amazon-managed pay-per-click campaigns to become a sponsored brand or offer a sponsored brand video
  • Run ads off Amazon and on social media to draw traffic to your products and boost sales organically

As a seller, exposure is the top contributor to sales, and you’ll never get better exposure than on Prime Day. Don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on this event and grow your business.

A Chance for All Sellers to Boost Sales

It is true that only sellers who offer FBA inventory are eligible to offer Prime Day deals, but that doesn’t mean that other sellers can’t benefit, too. Sellers who cannot participate in Prime Day can still boost sales by offering deals such as discounts, bundles, and coupons from Seller Central. Prime Day is a great opportunity for every Amazon seller to boost sales and gain customers.

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