What’s Your Digital Marketing Blueprint?

Digital marketing opens up a world of possibilities between the internet, social media, mobile apps, and integrated platforms to reach new audiences and engage even more with your customers. As marketing professionals, you have to understand and weigh the vast options for delivering a quality experience while providing the products and services your customers want and need.

Options like PPC advertising, social media marketing, chatbots, emails, SEO, and more are all part of the decisions that will ultimately make up your digital marketing blueprint. A digital marketing blueprint is a high-level plan for:

Mapping digital initiatives to your short and long-term business goals.

  • Avoiding common mistakes or issues that prevent success.
  • Deliver an ongoing Return on Investment (ROI).

Once you’ve established that blueprint, what then? While this is an excellent starting point, executing your plan takes work. An effective digital marketing strategy requires setting key performance indicators, monitoring, measuring, and adjusting for what doesn’t work. Let’s look at some of the most common eCommerce pain points and what to do about them.

Main SEO Errors Found in Ecommerce Websites

Many technical issues or errors can impact the health of a website. Your website health score is a good indicator of how well your website performs, you must ensure that score is as high as possible. Some examples of errors that can impact the health score include:

  • “404 page” error – A dead page or broken link results in a poor customer experience. If your customer can’t find what they want to access on your site due to a 404 error, they’ll go elsewhere.
  • “Orphan page” error – When you add new pages to your site, internal links allow search engines to find them. They also contribute to the “link juice” or value passed by the links from one page to another. When a link returns an orphan page error, the visitor cannot navigate to that page from any other page on your website.
  • “Page has links to redirect” error – If you get this error, it means that some of your pages are linking to redirected URLs rather than final URLs. This can have an impact on page speed and hurt your rankings.
  • “HTTPS page has internal links to HTTP” error – An internal link to a non-secure site indicates that your visitors’ browser security settings could be preventing them from accessing the link. Aside from a poor customer experience, linking to a non-secure site could impact your overall website health.

Analytics Pain Points for Ecommerce Stores

A well-designed blueprint is only a starting point that gives structure and reason for your digital marketing investment. It comes after assessing what you already have and determining what is and isn’t working. Investing in digital marketing without taking a hard look at where you may be wasting time and money may only exacerbate your current problems. The goal should be to optimize the good and eliminate the ineffective to generate a higher return on investment.

Remember that your digital footprint is your brand’s reputation. All the work you’ve done to curate the right content and reach your ideal audience can go to waste if you miss opportunities to engage them or if you only thought your efforts to reach them where they live were successful. Converting a lead into a paying customer should be seamless. If not, you may be experiencing some of these common issues or weaknesses in your digital marketing and SEO efforts.

Any digital marketing strategy depends upon metrics and data to measure its efficacy. Google Analytics is a common analytics tool that many businesses use to monitor their sites. While it offers a wealth of data, unfortunately, it has become more complex and challenging to configure over the years. And, if it is not set up correctly, it won’t be easy to track the success of your marketing efforts.

Some of the most common problems include skipping goal tracking and remarketing audiences. Goal tracking is critical for getting your conversion rate, understanding what traffic is converting, and implementing multi-channel attribution. Remarketing or retargeting helps remind previous visitors to your site about your brand, products they viewed, or abandoned carts. Since most visitors leave without purchasing the first time, you want to target those visitors and entice them back with the hope of converting them.

Most Common Google Ads Mistakes

Another pitfall that many marketers experience is with Google Ads. Some accounts do not maximize the features of Google Ads, such as using all applicable ad extensions, testing different campaign types other than search, using bid adjustments, and making use of the remarketing audiences from Google Analytics. Failure to identify the loss of the advantages that make Google Ads desirable can result in missed potential conversions, sales opportunities, and other opportunities.

Optimize Your Digital Platforms for Accuracy and Effectiveness

While there are several best practices for monitoring and optimizing different parts of your e-commerce strategy, they are still discrete platforms that often struggle to communicate effectively and consistently. The good news is that there is a solution: the ScaledOn Digital Marketing Blueprint. At ScaledOn, we understand how each platform works together with other platforms to create a cohesive marketing system. Our Digital Marketing Blueprint conducts a detailed audit of your website or eCommerce business, so we can ensure your platforms are optimized to provide accurate and correct data.

If your business isn’t getting the conversions you expect from your site traffic, it is critical to find the cause of the issues and correct them quickly. With constant changes in platforms, it can be challenging to keep up with how that could be impacting your eCommerce business. With the ScaledOn Digital Marketing Blueprint, we can help improve your marketing to increase your sales and ROI. To get started on the road to overcoming the issues preventing you from increasing your sales dramatically, contact our team today.