7 Tips to stay on top of all your Marketing data

It is easy to get lost in a sea of marketing data pumped out by Google, Facebook, your website, and LinkedIn. How do you stay focused on measuring what matters for your marketing? Start by reviewing your more important data more often (ie I look at the mission critical marketing numbers daily) and then work hard to stop/delete the reports that are no longer relevant and taking up your brain space. Your time and energy are finite. Here are my secret weapons in staying on top of the flood of data from serving hundreds of clients:

  1. Organize your email Inbox to see what is important to you vs a distraction from them. In Gmail using filters and color coding labels. In Outlook using folders and color coding emails by source and importance red/yellow/green.
  2. Set up weekly/monthly emailed Google Analytics Dashboards here are a few to start with: New User Bundle, Website Content, and Site Performance.
  3. Use Google Sheets to add the data you want to an ongoing KPI tracking sheet. We use and love Supermetrics. Here is a good list of all the GA metrics, Facebook metrics,  Google Ads metrics, you can export and typically add to a Google sheet for weekly reviews with your team. That way the team is all on the same page looking at the same data and in the same format each week.
  4. For reducing the manual grind of getting data in and out of other systems we use Zapier.  
  5. We have stopped using most 3rd party reporting tools and use Google Data Studio Reports. Here are some examples to get you inspired on what you could do and here are two of my favorites Acquisition Report and Ecommerce Speed report.
  6. If you don’t have a data/reporting team or the inclination to dive into Google Data Studio another sexy alternative is Databox, it can get expensive quickly but if you need good looking reports on a TV screen in a hurry for your sales meeting it may be worth a look. I really like some of their reports for tools like Hubspot and LinkedIn company pages.  
  7. Set a Quarterly 30 minute meeting to review and delete old and non-relevant reports that you are getting.

Good luck mastering your 2020 marketing data and I’d love to hear about what is working for you…


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