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Optimize Your Digital Ads for Mobile Consumption

Summer is the prime time for an escape to the beach or mountains, and its arrival creates a change in the way people use the internet. Due to increased mobility and greater product demand, users spend more time on their phones than on computers. Thus, companies vying for the attention of flighty customers must learn to cater to mobile users.

Even during cooler months, the average person prefers to use a cell phone for web browsing. In 2021, studies found that 92% of internet users accessed the web via mobile devices. Web traffic stats paint a similar picture, revealing that 54% of web sessions are conducted on cell phones. To reach these consumers, consider ways you can optimize brand content to accommodate mass mobile consumption in your next Google, Instagram, or Facebook marketing campaign.

Use Subtitles

Relying on sound to convey messages limits your audience. Many users scroll through social media posts while working in an office, studying in the library, or hanging out with friends. These settings are not conducive to sound-reliant ads, so it’s critical to create ads that don’t require sound to avoid alienating these users.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this goal is to use subtitles in your videos. In addition to allowing users in quiet environments to enjoy your ads, captions welcome deaf and hard-of-hearing users into your community. Accommodating users with disabilities increases your target audience.

Alternately, consider creating ads that require neither sound nor subtitles to express a point. According to media experts, the average consumer watches a video for three seconds before scrolling to the next post. Thus, the most successful videos convey a message within the first few seconds of playtime.

Prioritize Your Brand Logo

Create a brand logo “sandwich” to ensure mobile device users can always identify your business. Again, users typically spend no more than a few seconds on an ad before moving on to the next one. Placing your logo front and center ensures that a cursory glance is enough for users to identify your business. Repeat the logo at the end of your ad or video to increase recognition.

Pair your logo with a memorable image, clip, or phrase to further reinforce brand recognition. Taking this extra step increases ad recall, a marketing metric that companies use to gauge the success of campaigns and messages.

Add a Call Extension

One common thread throughout effective mobile marketing campaigns is ease of access. A company’s chances of success increase substantially when engagement requires fewer clicks. Google Ads marketing offers call extensions to capitalize on this knowledge.

Adding call extensions to ads enables users to contact a company directly by clicking on a phone number. It may seem unnecessary, but eliminating the extra steps of opening the phone app and entering a business’s contact information increases users’ likelihood of contacting you. This feature is especially useful when displayed alongside information such as business hours, a website, and an address, as these details pop up when users Google your company.

Increase Bids on Mobile Devices

In marketing, bids are determined prices that companies pay to display their ads. Since campaigns are often more influential on specific devices or during certain hours, altering bids to suit your target audience is an easy way to increase brand awareness.

During high-traffic hours, for instance, consider boosting your bids. Doing so increases the chances that your ad will appear in a casual social media scroll or that your business will be one of the first options displayed when a user Googles a relevant topic. Similarly, ads that target mobile users require higher bids to improve visibility.

On the other hand, decrease your bids on devices that don’t work well with your campaign or in locations where your ads are less relevant. Doing so saves money that can be reallocated to your high-bid fund. Eligible Google Ads account holders can alter bids in the Campaigns tab.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Campaign

Other ways to create a mobile-friendly Google or Facebook marketing campaign include:

  • Considering your target audience
  • Choosing the best type of campaign for your goals
  • Adding swipe-to-read images and slideshows in place of videos
  • Editing the size of videos and images to optimize them for mobile display

Consult the digital marketing experts at ScaledOn for additional information on how to cater your marketing campaigns for mobile use, especially during the summer months, when more users turn to their phones for internet use. Investing in these short-term strategies is a simple way to achieve long-term success.


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