How to Educate and Inform on a New SEO Update

In the world of marketing, SEO updates can be exciting for both negative and positive reasons. Updates can provide excitement because the future of SEO is brighter and more transparent so you can offer better returns and results to clients.

However, updates can also be a little uncomfortable sometimes if you have been refusing recent advances about where SEO is heading. Like with the rest of the trending focus in marketing outreach, you can expect the same baseline for the most recent SEO update; authentic and in-depth content is king.

What Does the New Update Mean for Marketing?

Not too long ago, keyword stuffing was all the rage in SEO. This habit has been hard to break, and, because it felt like a revelation, many people aren’t convinced it doesn’t still work. If you’re in digital marketing or handle a marketing team that reports results to you, include in-depth information over simple promotion.

However, optimization has turned a corner. Google itself has released what it’s looking for; no more revelations and cracking the algorithm codes. They’re telling you how the market is shifting and keyword stuffing, isn’t it?

How Does the New Update Impact Visibility for Clients?

Your results might have improved depending on approaching organic traffic and delivering information. If you were shooting for basic exposure, you likely woke up to find that your traffic declined. Don’t worry. This fix has been coming for a long time, and it stands to increase visibility and content matter for everyone.

How Do I Approach SEO Optimization for SEO?

The first two updates laid the groundwork for making more meaningful content. While this specific rollout focuses on product reviews rather than being a core update, Google has remarked that a similar approach will underpin its next core update. This update is an opportunity to get good before an entire system changes without you.

This third version of the product reviews update targets how the algorithm will rank content on the web that is most useful to users. Sound familiar? It’s the same push behind core content for blogs, socials, and other arms of campaigns.

Product Review Guidelines

In the future, it should become a hard and fast rule that no content escapes without the valuable seal of approval. Whereas previously, product reviews simply copied manufacturer details and sought to gain massive exposure, this focus now is on the facts that the search algorithm identifies as helpful, practical, and easy to consume.

  • Compare and contrast to other products
  • Case Studies and usability results
  • Qualitative and quantitative measurements
  • Content beyond manufacturer release
  • Benefits and drawbacks
  • Identify ranking in key performance factors
  • Provide evidence: lives, video, audio, carousels, pins
  • Include smart shopper comparison links.

Google’s Product Review updates are essential for enduring client success. The updates provide information on how products are performing, what changes are being made to them, and how to improve product reviews on the marketing end. With essential updates and the expert services of ScaledOn digital services, businesses can ensure that the right people see their products, their reviews are positive and informative, and their products are constantly updated and improved.