Marketing Ideas To Maximize Sales This Black Friday 2021

In 2020, the retail industry faced an unprecedented challenge. Although sales still lag, retail experts predict a relative return to normal this holiday season. Black Friday, Super Saturday, and the days leading up to Christmas could prove critical to retail stores struggling to stay in business. If your 2021 Black Friday marketing plan is a matter of life or death for your shop, consider these tips for surviving the industry’s busiest days of the year.

E-Commerce Strategies

Businesses must adopt effective strategies to remain relevant in a highly competitive e-commerce market. Fortunately, these Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing ideas can help keep your business alive.

Cart Abandonment Pop-Ups

Online shoppers often treat shopping carts as wish lists, storing items there until they’re ready to commit to them. Cart abandonment pop-ups reduce the frequency of this practice by reminding consumers to order the items in their carts. Include time-sensitive discount coupons in your Black Friday pop-ups to further incentivize shoppers to complete the purchase.

Website Timers

Website timers prompt customers to order goods before they run out of stock. Reminding shoppers that an item’s availability window is fading induces the fear of missing out in consumers hoping to keep up with trends and bargains. Similarly, Black Friday and Cyber Monday timers build excitement and inform consumers when sales go live and when they end.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Messaging

Pay-per-click advertisements remain one of the most successful strategies for generating sales because of how well they convey a sense of urgency. Exemplary ad messages might read:

  • “Get these Black Friday deals before they’re gone!”
  • “Unbelievable bargains this Black Friday!”
  • “Up to 75% off for the next 48 hours only!”

Media-Rich Ad Content

Include photos and videos in your ads to make products more enticing to viewers. An easy way to incorporate this into your marketing plan is to roll out ad content via Youtube. Seeing a product advertised on the site makes consumers as much as 70% more likely to purchase it, especially during peak sales periods such as the holidays.

Amazon Strategies

As one of the internet’s most prominent hubs for online shopping, Amazon requires sellers to devise clever ideas for out-marketing their many competitors. Combine traditional and innovative tactics to ensure success this holiday season.

Advanced Planning

If you think you can develop a plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in a week or two, think again. You need time to implement and test your strategies before committing to them, so it’s essential to prepare months in advance. Use the resulting data to make necessary changes to your campaign leading up to launch day.

Bestseller Highlighting

The more reviews a product has, the more likely it will sell on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Positive reviews, especially those with supplementary images, are particularly beneficial. Remember to highlight these bestsellers over products with pages that receive little traffic, as they fare better against competition than items with few customer interactions.

Lightning Deals

Amazon highlights a list of products as the day’s “lightning deals,” or hottest flash sales, every day. Deals with low prices and high stock generate the most interest and top the list of sale items. It’s important to remember, however, that business ads aren’t automatically applicable. You must submit an ad for it to be eligible for selection by Amazon’s algorithm.

Advanced Stock

The holidays often mean slower package transit times, but with the nation still facing widespread shipping delays, it’s more important than ever to prepare Amazon shipments ahead of schedule. Submit your seasonal inventory at least one month in advance to ensure its timely arrival.

Improvement Plan

Analyze last year’s data when preparing for the 2021 sales season. Doing so can elevate your campaign by showing what worked and what didn’t, so you waste zero time and money on a strategy that yields negligible results.

Optimized Listings

Include vivid seasonal images in your listings to give buyers a visual of your products in a holiday setting. Similarly, your keywords should be up to date as well as relevant to seasons and trends, accounting for common searches such as “last-minute Christmas gifts.”

PPC Optimization

A higher budget may be necessary to keep your pay-per-click ads running without interruption during the busy season. Since your ads are more likely to attract more clicks in the days leading up to major holidays, you’ll go through your allotted budget and keyword bids faster, and failing to adapt your plan accordingly can lead to lost sales.


Promoting your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can elevate your sales dramatically, especially on Amazon. Use these holiday marketing strategies in your 2021 campaign to make the most of the year’s standout season.