The Voice Assistant’s Rising Popularity

In a surge, voice assistance is becoming ever more popular as consumers now feel like they should be able to get what they want just by asking for it.

It’s Fast. It’s Efficient.

Everyone today has a to-do list. Some people’s to-do list is downright daunting. Speed and efficiency are two of the most important elements for knocking out the items on those lists.

A small business owner, a stay-at-home parent, and an employee of a large corporation all have that one thing in common: their list of things to get done quickly and efficiently, Now!

People feel like they lose time and momentum on their tasks when they’re always having to stop and connect through an email server, set a physical timer, or take notes by hand during a meeting. For some activities, it may even be necessary to use an actual computer rather than simply connect via smartphone.

But things that once took lots of time no longer have to.

Voice assistants are there to make life a little easier and quicker. Even simple tasks such as dictating a grocery shopping list can take a lot of time— time that could be saved by simply telling a voice assistant what to add to the shopping list.

That’s why the voice assistant is a rising star in this quick-paced society. Telling Siri or Alexa to do something is easier than stopping the flow of work to do it yourself. Using the voice assistant in a phone or wired device is a relief to those on the go and to those who require numerous reminders.

An aging population and a corresponding increase of this user friendly technology will also affect who uses voice assistants and how and for what. Could doctors or therapists soon prescribe voice assistants for older adults? It’s likely.

More Than Just Google and Siri

“Alexa, set a timer for twenty-five minutes.” “Siri, what’s the closest grocery store?” “Ok Google, remind me to prep my meeting notes for review tomorrow.” These are some of the most familiar voice assistants, but the industry is expanding to house more options for voice assistance.

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New apps are coming out every day that utilize the benefits of simply speaking into one’s phone. Many of these apps pull information from companies like Google that already have extensive internet content out there.

Voice Assistants Save Time in Small, Frequently Occuring Amounts

Efficiency happens by shaving off seconds from small tasks. It’s about simplifying things that aren’t necessarily complicated but that are time consuming. A voice assistant saves time by immediately giving the user relevant information about his or her inquiry. Just having a voice assistant begin a call with a friend can save seconds that add up or feel to the user like they do.

Small transactions using a voice assistant can save people hundreds of hours’ worth of time that can be spent with family, doing an enjoyable hobby, or even addressing larger concerns on the job. For a task as simple as managing an online calendar, using a voice assistant could save seemingly endless amounts of time.

Voice Assistance Is Changing Marketing Strategy

Given the popularity of voice-first search, it’s no surprise that businesses are opting into a voice-driven marketing strategy.

Writers are going for a more natural approach to commercial storytelling to mimic the language of a voice search. Analysts are determining the interests of individual members of the household thanks to voice recognition. And some brands such as Dominos are boldly partnering with Alexa so customers can get a product delivered right to their doorstep with a single voice request.

To grow e-commerce sales, many owners are opting in to voice assistant optimization as well.  Using SEO-focused content designed for voice search is another way to be part of a forward-moving marketing plan. Voice-first SEO will rely on natural sounding questions rather than keywords and longtail search strings.

Voice Assistance is Limitless

Consumers are using voice assistance to do more than set timers or reminders. They’re using it to manage life. It’s easy to find a list of the most competitive interest rates among banks, for example, simply by asking a voice assistant. People also use their voice assistant to find the nearest auto mechanic, shop for the most creative gifts, manage calendars, answer emails, schedule travel plans, and so much more.

The great thing about voice assistance is that it is not limited to only one industry or strategy. Voice assistance is primarily about form rather than content. That’s why businesses can take advantage of this technology without worrying about creating all new content.

Seek a Modern Marketing Solution

Consumers are interested in using a voice assistant to find what they need quickly, efficiently, and by using the latest technology. ScaledOn is a team of marketing experts with the expertise to help you grow your business with these new technology trends.

For the latest e-commerce marketing strategies or for help taking the guessing out of what is working in today’s algorithmic-driven marketing, see what we are all about.