Review of 2019 Video Facts

The future for your brand is increasingly watched or spoken, and I’m sure, depending on your viewing habits, there is a lot of debate in your organization about how people are watching video in 2019.

Let’s review the facts around TV and Video in 2019:

  • 73% of your customers in the US watch traditional TV
  • 96% of that is at home
  • 69% have another device open as they watch
  • 74% with a mobile device
  • 49% with a computer
  • 85% watch a video online (90% for under 25)
  • 49% of your customers watched more online video year over year
  • 62% in general and 70% YouTube of that online watching occurs on a mobile phone
  • Top ten places they watch online:
614a0134fa571e069801198a top ten places people watch online videos
  • 56% of US adults Stream Video
  • 26% of people have “cut the cord” with their cable operator
  • Nextflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu and HBO dominate what is streamed
  • US adults generally watch 2 hours a day of streamed/online content
  • How they watch it:
614a0134bbc1b63ed0354f9d average monthly reach by television source among adults

Nielsen Local Watch report August 2019

  • How do your customers spend  time consuming media each day
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Nielsen Local Watch report August 2019

Many organizations are having a healthy debate about their 2020 media mix. Typically two camps emerge: “cord cutters” vs. “traditionalists” usually driven by the behavior they observe in their households. Our recommendation is to allocate your 2020 media dollars based upon where your core customer segments spend most of their time and on platforms that you can reach them with an ROI positive CPM.

The blocker that stops many clients from adopting more video continues to be the cost of video production. We know that better creativity typically drives 2X the sales results, but it continues to be hard to free up the dollars to regularly create compelling videos. In a future blog post, we will discuss our new video production partners at ROI focused price points, as we believe your brand’s future success will be determined on YouTube, Cable TV, Instagram, and increasingly underdog platforms like Amazon (B2C) and LinkedIn (B2B).  

Drop me a note with your thoughts on what is working at your Brand!