Grow Awareness With Branded Campaigns

Branded campaigns are a specific marketing tool to increase visibility and recognition for products or companies. Branded campaigns are generally executed to increase awareness and by doing so, increase profits in some way. Branded campaigns do both. By expertly targeting wider audiences and diligently working there to build connections and credibility, the goal of growing a business with a professionally branded campaign is within reach.

Occupying Results

By making bids on both the business’s name and the keywords chosen to show up with it, businesses are paying to take up space in search results. They want to be seen. Top returns on search engine results pages, or SERP, are highly sought-after online real estate for businesses. Showing up multiple times on a page increases credibility too. Google ads that match the business are a gamechanger. Existing in a Google SERP above the fold is one of the first steps that we recommend for a successful branded campaign.

Growing Awareness

Because a business bid on and paid for its brand name and specific keywords, the search results match up to the campaign when people search. Every single time that people search, the business’s name and offerings will pop up. The ad will be taking up space and growing awareness amongst a larger audience. Our work for branded campaigns can have more facets than just internet traffic, but focusing on the massive audience there is a targeted effort.

Increasing Recall

Simply because a business is showing up more and more, the name and offerings can start to look “familiar” to consumers. Increasing the connection that people have to a brand can help grow a business exponentially. Like welcoming an old friend, rarely questioned is the credibility of secured and trusted brands and their products. In fact, people often seek out and purchase brands based on their levels of familiarity. Consumers also tend to share their success with familiar brands. One important aspect of recall is having seen and read good reviews. We want that level of growth for all businesses.

Influencing Consideration

If offering a product or a service with a branded campaign, finishing the final step can be the most difficult: completing the sale, purchase, or contract, etc. It is true that even with a branded campaign, the desired result still may not happen the first time around. However, with any campaign, time is an expert moderator. As credibility and visibility grow, so does consideration. We bank on this step of the process.

Protecting From Competitors

When businesses bid on and pay for their own business name, they prevent competitors from doing so. Why might a competitor want someone else’s branded business name and keywords? When people search for a business’s name, they expect to find that every business in the results. When a competitor bids on and purchases it instead, the competitor may dominate the search results. These kinds of search results can be confusing from a consumer standpoint. From an awareness standpoint, this kind of brand pirating can be devastating to a campaign.

Saving with Branded Keywords

Businesses can be hesitant to bid on and pay for their own business name. After all, it is already their name, right? As we now know, not always. Aside from the dangers of tricky competitors, businesses always want to avoid lost profits. Branded keywords can save time and money. Waiting for the business website or different pieces of the other marketing campaigns to update can be frustrating. Updating keywords is much faster and has almost immediate results by connecting people to their ideal search results immediately. When awareness grows, so do businesses.

Measuring Results

We love results! That’s why we focus on branded campaigns for businesses. Unlike other marketing campaigns, there is little guesswork or estimation of how many people a branding campaign has reached. For us, it is very satisfying to deliver data tracking to a business that has been working to grow awareness and profits. Each return on a SERP and each click on an ad, an additional landing page, or a link can be accounted for and measured. When we analyze the progress of the campaign, we can use pinpoint data to work with businesses to identify pitfalls and clear paths to improvement.

At Scaledon, we want to improve the math of business marketing. By executing branded campaigns, we work to grow business awareness and protect them from competitors. Influencing increased consideration and generating more familiarity through recall and reviews will bring businesses closer to their potential as a brand. To find out more about how we grow businesses with branded campaigns, contact us.