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Mobile Search
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Let us tell you why Programmatic SEO is so important nowadays. Every day, 500 million searches are made on Google that have never been searched for before. Increasingly, 50% of these searches are performed on mobile devices or 20% using voice search.

Google searches for keywords with “near me” increased 34x since 2011 and nearly doubled last year alone. At least 50% of mobile consumers who search for a business end up visiting that business or making a purchase within 1 day.

We built ScaledOn Programmatic SEO service because we kept seeing our clients missing local, mobile, and voice searches as they did not have the time to modify hundreds of pages of content each month.

For them it was impossible to deploy thousands of local-tuned problem-based webpages needed to address this growing volume of searches. Until now, when Programmatic SEO is live.

Drive mobile traffic to your website using Programmatic SEO Pages

With problem/solution-based content with, for example, a geo-focus

Let’s say your company sells nationally throughout the US.

How would problem/solution-based mobile content drive traffic to your website?

By making sure you're found as part of the solution to end-users’ everyday problems. For example, a user might say "Condos for Sale Near Me" We would then deploy relevant condo content pages and AMP pages for each of the 312 towns in Massachusetts.

Mobile Traffic

Want to get ahead of your competition with mobile and voice tuned webpages?

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How Programmatic SEO works

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    Relevant Keywords for your business are analysed by volume, bid, and priority.

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    We then build scalable taxonomies from client discussions, industry research, competitive analysis, Google Ads data, Amazon searches, and Google Analytics insights.

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    We build a custom data schema for your business with its unique problems/solutions and locations.

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    A series of focused landing page templates are designed and developed to convert these Google and Bing searches into traffic to your site.

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    We then deploy these pages on a high speed enterprise grade infrastructure where speed and technical excellence is our focus.

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    A/B/N tests are run to determine what your customers are interested in. Then we optimize the content of those pages so they are most relevant and interesting to your target customers.

Our Google Analytics specialists will help you get all tracking correctly installed on your website

Stop losing money. Base your decisions on accurate data.

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Google Analytics Audit
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Google Analytics Account Set-up

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Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager Code Implementation
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E-commerce Tracking via
Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager

GA Goals Tracking

Google Analytis Goal Setting and Event Tracking

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Google Analytics Dashboards and Reports Set-up

"The ScaledOn team grew our Amazon revenue and transactions by 115% and their SEO team improved our websites SEO health score from 54% to 99% last year. We couldn’t be happier with the support, results, and ongoing insights we get from the ScaledOn team."

Curt Alpeter

Curt Alpeter
from Runamok Maple

Scaled On 17 Years

Through our 17 years of experience for thousands of customers and agencies, we’ve developed processes and software that allow you to get ahead of your competition in an ever more complicated world.

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