Review of 2019 Video Facts

Marketing | 1 Min Read

Video Facts Review

The future for your brand is increasingly watched or spoken, and I’m sure, depending on your viewing habits, there is a lot of debate in your organization about how people are watching video in 2019. Let’s review the facts around TV and Video in 2019. Read More »

Sporting Goods SZN

Website Wars | 1 Min Read


Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day is on Monday, and you know what that means: SALES! In this week’s episode of Website Wars we did a competitive website analysis between the three sporting goods giants to see which are adequately geared up for the holiday weekend.
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Follow the Money in 2020

Business | 2 Mins Read

Follow The Money

Where do customers spend their time? How should we allocate our limited media budget for 2020? As we kick off 2020 media budget discussions, I’m a big fan of following the dollars and your customers time vs what people say/claim. Read More »

Can you hear me now?

Website Wars | 1 Min Read

Smartphone Emoji

In this week’s edition of Website Wars, we ran competitive website audits for 3 of the most talked-about smartphones on the market today the iPhone 11, Samsung s10, and Google Pixel 3. Read More »

5 Tips to reduce your email costs in 2019

Marketing | 1 Min Read

Email Marketing

With Mailchimp’s recent price increase as they move to be a CRM system and their other changes a lot of our clients are taking a deeper look at what they can do to reduce their email costs. Here are 5 Tips to help manage your email costs in 2019 Read More »

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Website Wars | 1 Min Read

Coffee Emojis

Starbucks, Tim Horton’s or Caribous Coffee? For our inaugural “Website Wars” SEO audit, we will determine who is paying proper homage to the flavor that America loves to hate – pumpkin spice. Read More »

7 Marketing Tips for taking over an existing business

Marketing | 1 Min Read

Marketing Tips For Taking Over An Existing Business

I’m a fan of acquiring an existing business as it takes a lot of the risk out of your growth plan. One of our long standing clients recently acquired their local competitor and I wanted to outline the process we use to help clients decide what to do next. Read More »