Keeping up with Kombucha

Website Wars | 2 Mins Read


Kombucha: A fermented cold tea or magical elixir that can cure all that ails you? Either way, this week on Website Wars we’ve decided to take this trendy beverage to task by comparing the websites of three popular Kombucha brands: Gt’s Living Food, Kevita, and Health-Ade. Let’s see whose SCOBY is living its best life. Read More »

Faux Real

Website Wars | 2 Mins Read


This week we compare the websites of three of the biggest plant-based burger companies on the market right now: Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and Lightlife to see whose grilling up the tastiest website in this weeks round of Website Wars. Read More »

Why do Technical SEO?

SEO | 2 Mins Read

Technical SEO and Graphs

Your time as a marketer is limited. There is almost a limitless stream of advice on the next shiny tactic you should implement to help your brand get found in the sea of 6 Billion live web pages. I’m going to review our journey on Technical SEO and why it became a “must do item” for our clients. Read More »

Creeping it Real

Website Wars | 2 Mins Read

Halloween Treats

This week we ride the candy train to flavor town and compare 3 beloved candy brand websites – Mars Wrigley, Hershey’s, and Nestle – to see whose candy game is on point for the upcoming holiday. Read More »

7 Tips to stay on top of all your Marketing data

Marketing | 1 Min Read

Marketing Data Graphs And Charts

It is easy to get lost in a sea of marketing data pumped out by Google, Facebook, your website, and LinkedIn. How do you stay focused on measuring what matters for your marketing? Here are my secret weapons in staying on top of the flood of data from serving hundreds of clients. Read More »

October is for apple picking

Website Wars | 1 Min Read

Apple Picking

Nothing makes a trip to the orchard more worthwhile than a crisp beverage to wash away the pain. In this week’s Website Wars we take 3 craft cider companies and compare their websites to determine how well they do in the internet world. Read More »

Review of 2019 Video Facts

Marketing | 1 Min Read

Video Facts Review

The future for your brand is increasingly watched or spoken, and I’m sure, depending on your viewing habits, there is a lot of debate in your organization about how people are watching video in 2019. Let’s review the facts around TV and Video in 2019. Read More »

Sporting Goods SZN

Website Wars | 1 Min Read


Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day is on Monday, and you know what that means: SALES! In this week’s episode of Website Wars we did a competitive website analysis between the three sporting goods giants to see which are adequately geared up for the holiday weekend.
Read More »

Follow the Money in 2020

Business | 2 Mins Read

Follow The Money

Where do customers spend their time? How should we allocate our limited media budget for 2020? As we kick off 2020 media budget discussions, I’m a big fan of following the dollars and your customers time vs what people say/claim. Read More »

Can you hear me now?

Website Wars | 1 Min Read

Smartphone Emoji

In this week’s edition of Website Wars, we ran competitive website audits for 3 of the most talked-about smartphones on the market today the iPhone 11, Samsung s10, and Google Pixel 3. Read More »