What is Ad Fraud? And how it costs you money.

E-commerce | 2 Mins Read

Digital Ad Fraud

Digital Ad Fraud continues to grow rapidly. Depending on which forecast you read it will be a $50-$150 Billion problem by 2025 but we see it from day to day as an E-commerce Agency hovering between 20-22% of the digital media spend when we do an audit. Read More »

Are you wasting your advertising dollars?

Amazon | 3 Mins Read

Wasting your advertising dollars

Amazon Sponsored Products (‘PPC’) has become an important marketing channel that all product brands should look at. Amazon’s advertising revenue increased to $10B in 2018, closing in on Facebook and Google, as the third-largest advertising platform in the U.S. Read More »

Metrics make the Marketer

Marketing | 2 Mins Read


I’ve been thinking a lot about what marketing numbers we should track as a B2B company and how often you should look at them to achieve your desired results. Read More »

Why we recommend WordPress to Clients

Business | 1 Min Read

Wordpress Dashboard

Your options for a content management system (CMS) today are daunting with TV Ads running regularly for Wix and Squarespace you maybe wondering if you are using the right system for your business? Read More »

Marketing for the long haul…

Marketing | 1 Min Read

Digital Marketing

Building a brand is hard. That overnight success is typically ten plus years in the making and it is getting harder to do. There are now 500+ Million blogs in the world, 3000+ TV channels you can stream online, and 3.9 million apps you can use on your mobile phone. Read More »

100% Remote Company, our lessons to date…

Business | 2 Mins Read

100% Remote Company

My greatest fear when we started a 100% remote team 6 years ago was that I’d gain 50 pounds as my fridge was now within easy snacking distance. The true challenges were more complex in battling perceptions that, “remote work is for lifestyle companies” or “you can’t grow a good team remotely”. Read More »

Always be Testing

Google | 1 Min Read

A/B Test

I ran my first Google Adwords campaign in the early 2000’s but I can definitely tell you I’m no Digital marketing guru. Why? Google/Facebook/Amazon make multiple algorithmic changes every day across data sets that are so vast they humble the mind and make much of my prior marketing experience irrelevant. Read More »

A rare Sea Change marketing opportunity…

SEO | 2 Mins Read

A rare Sea Change marketing opportunity

True Sea Change opportunities come rarely but I wanted to share a recent conversation I had with one of our client CEO’s. She was just back from an industry conference where a speaker had asked: “Was anyone optimizing for voice search?” She was the only person who tentatively raised her hand as her company is in the early goings of deploying programmatic pages. Read More »