Case Studies


Gardening eCommerce Site Increases Sales on Amazon by 170%

The gardening eCommerce company intended to utilize Amazon to expand and develop its business. Since they provide a wide variety of gardening supplies, they are having trouble managing their enormous catalog and how to market them. Their Amazon sales are not as high as their product base would suggest. See how we increased sales on Amazon by 170% in just 9 weeks.

businessman with a money on his hand

Leads Increased By 125% With PPC Campaigns

The client’s goal is to get leads on the website by utilizing forms to capture information from small and medium businesses which are interested in getting funds. They will then use this information to offer the right financing options to the business owner designed specifically to help them grow their business.

Increasing ROI with integrated email

The client’s objective was to drive email frequency up, consolidate the relationship with their audience, and increase sales through email campaigns. See what solutions we came up with.