Amazon GEO Ranking: A Game-Changer

Amazon | 2 Mins Read

Amazon GEO Ranking

Amazon made the transition from A9 to A10 algorithm in 2019 by the end of summer. Among the most impactful factors for ranking on Amazon SERPS was the GEO Ranking: A Game-Changer! Read More »

The Evolution of Google Ads

Google | 3 Mins Read

Google Ads Evolution

Since day one, Google Ads was a promising project, becoming a revolutionary advertising platform, introducing innovative ideas about delivering ads for the greatest customer experience. See how Google ads have evolved over the years and how Google accomplished the success they have today. Read More »

Are Duplicate Meta Descriptions Worth Fixing in 2020?

SEO | 2 Mins Read

Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Fixing duplicate meta descriptions can greatly improve your SEO and bring value to your business. A good and unique meta description may increase your click-through rate and bring more traffic to your website. Read More »

Chrome to Name & Shame Slow-Loading Websites

New SEO Practices Will Emphasize Speed Plus Quality Content

SEO | 8 Mins Read

Website Ranking

Google recently announced a new badge, and it’s one brands and e-retailers will not want to earn. Revealed at the Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco, this badge of shame will identify sluggish websites. Read More »

20 Hot Food Trends for 2020

Amazon | 5 Mins Read


From low-carb diets, to kombucha and less plastic in packages, the food and beverage industry is set to become even more interesting in 2020. We explored the most popular food industry trends that are emerging in the market. Read More »

The Voice Assistant’s Rising Popularity

Consumers are using voice assistant now more than ever

SEO | 2 Mins Read

Man using mobile phone with voice assistant

Consumers are using voice assistance to do more than set timers or reminders. They’re using it to manage life. Voice assistance is primarily about form rather than content. That’s why businesses can take advantage of this technology without worrying about creating all new content. Read More »

Gobble! Gobble!

Website Wars | 2 Mins Read


Less than a week until we’re all in a tryptophan coma watching football with our pants unbuttoned. Yup, it’s almost Thanksgiving, and in the spirit of the holiday, we’re talking turkey! Read More »

Start Your Engines

Website Wars | 2 Mins Read

Ford versus Ferari

Ford v. Ferrari is in theaters today. As a tribute to the seemingly lifelong rivalry between the two automakers (and the release of the new movie), it only made sense that we take advantage of this opportunity and compare the websites of these two iconic brands in this week’s installment of Website Wars. Move over Le Mans; you’re about to get lapped. Read More »